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It’s good to see that Hillary is endorsing Obama at last. Hopefully, they can start mending fences, so that her supporters don’t end up voting for MCain, out of some kind of misplaced sense of loyalty.

I’m not sure if an Obama/Clinton ticket would work now, because I think Hillary would find second place, hard to swallow, but Obama desperately needs her supporters’ votes, and to my mind, it’s better to go to the presidential race, knowing that those votes are secure, than going in, hoping that voting Republicans will swing-shift to the left. Although, if he can pick up the independents, like he did in the dem-nom race, then you just never know.

I really hope McCain doesn’t win the upcoming election, I think the world is in enough trouble as it is, without making it worse by having yet another Republican in power in America.


  • Scott
    June 10
    11:24 am

    I second all your thoughts.

    I also think that Hillary doesn’t want the VP slot in case Obama doesn’t win, then she becomes the leading candidate to run against McCain the following election.


  • Ghetto Diva
    June 10
    1:00 pm

    Obama would bring a big change to America. Here’s hoping he wins!


  • Not my business. But.
    I like Obama.
    He has class.


  • The way Obama speaks really makes me want to stand up and clap. I am still undecided. Sigh.


  • I had spoken to my grandmother yesterday and she said, That sweet young man with the pretty smile won the nomination! His smile isn’t of consequence in the election of course, but I thought it was cute he brought that out such a response from an 83 year old woman. LOL


  • Cinnamon, Barack must have little old lady appeal because my husband’s 90 year old grandmother keeps going on about how handsome he is and wishing she was forty years younger,lol. I’m glad he won too, though a lot of Clinton supporters are threatening to vote for McCain.


  • After the re-election of Shrub (aka, Bush)
    I have deep fears that McCain will win.
    And I am not even American. coughthankgoshcough.


  • McCain is Republican in name only. I don’t think you should fear his presidency. The only reason Republicans claim him is he has a hope of beating a Democrat in this election.

    My candidate didn’t make it three months. Do I want a Democrat in office? No. Do I want McCain in office? Better than the alternative, but still not an attractive choice. The guy is too liberal.


  • Le sigh. I’m not going to get my hopes up. The world has changed but has it changed enough where a black man will be safe as president?


  • shirley
    June 11
    8:23 pm

    I certainly hope they bury the hatchet. John McCain is a decorated war hero and was at one time as good as one could hope for a politician to be. But he’s much too old and from what I’ve seen of him, he seems to be suffering from some sort of dementia. And I’m not making fun, a couple of his speeches had me absolutely boggled, I couldn’t follow what he was saying.

    Another Rep. in the House and I may have to become a hermit, otherwise I might start believing all the crazy end of the world crap I keep hearing at the church social.


  • Robin
    June 12
    2:40 am

    I admit to not understanding what “too liberal” as a criticism means. I know that the Republican party is supposed to be the party of small government, but the IMO incredible overreaching into areas of abortion, civil rights, general privacy, etc., as well as the big partnerships with big business eclipse that characterization for me.

    I remember a scene from “The West Wing” ages ago, where a Dem and Rep were discussing party differences. The Rep issued the “small government” line, and the Dem responded “yeah, small enough to fit in your bedroom” (paraphrase from memory). That has stuck with me ever since.

    This article brought up some interesting points on the issue of why Republicans have had such a difficult time building support from mainstream voters.


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