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Blurb from Amazon:

Blue-Eyed Devil is the story of the charming, volatile and ambitious Hardy Cates, who is determined to carry out his private revenge against the Travis family. Haven is the rebellious Travis daughter who struggles against her overpowering attraction to the most dangerous man in town.

But when Hardy crashes a Travis family wedding, the heiress and the bad boy uncover an explosive chemistry that neither of them can deny. Hardy Cates is an unscrupulous rascal, but now he’s trying to clean up his act. He is looking for the perfect society wife, the kind of woman Haven Travis could never be. Having once been burned by a love affair gone wrong, Haven vows to stay far away from the sexy heartbreaker.

However, Haven discovers that the temptation of a blue-eyed devil is hard to resist. And then when a menace from Haven’s past appears, Hardy may be the only one to save her …

What a great sequel to Sugar Daddy.

I loved the heroine, she wasn’t a dick. I loved the hero, he wasn’t an arsehole. I loved the plot device, no suspension of disbelief was required.

It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me sad. What more could a gal ask for in her romance?

You can buy from Amazon.com here, and Amazon UK here.

Hey, I did say it was brief.


  • I really loved this one too. I thought she did a wonderful job with Haven’s journey. I think a lot of readers could connect with her on one level or another. And I loved how supportive Hardy was. I gotta say though, the British cover is rather bland compared the American cover.
    I wonder why there is such a difference in covers in general from your side and mine? With some books I like the British covers better, but with others, including Blue Eyed Devil, I wonder why they changed it.


  • Jane
    June 17
    1:32 pm

    That cover is hideous. The green coat, the wrinkled khakis, and the shoes? Blech. The woman looks like she’s June Cleaver from the thighs down.


  • OMG Jane, you crack me up!! LOL
    Please do not judge this book by its cover!
    BED is my favorite read of 2008 and going down in my top 20 favorite books of all time.
    After I finished reading, I could only stare into space because Haven’s journey touched my heart in so many ways.
    And that Hardy is one smooth character.


  • Dalia
    June 17
    3:28 pm

    Jane, was just about to throw up all over that green jacket. So not something Hardy would wear. Sheesh.


  • I’ll give you this: when Karen says briefly, she means briefly! 😆


  • Hey I’m a busy gal! I’ve already been to Cirencester, Coventry, Birmingham, and Sheffield today on site inspections, I’ll have you know. Now I’m off to the gym to relax! 🙂


  • Dev
    June 17
    6:43 pm

    Brief, yes, but I agree with everything you said. I absolutely loved BED. It was an amazing follow up to Sugar Daddy.


  • I hate first-person narration and I hate stories that span several years. But…


    My favorite hero of the year, my favorite heroine of the year, and my favorite book of the year.

    Kleypas simply rocks.


  • Laura
    June 21
    9:02 pm

    Sadly, I did not enjoy this book. I wish Kleypas had done a better job dealing with this *very* serious subject matter.

    BTW, it was especially odd to read praise about this book and the “Why Can’t The Heroines Do The Rescuing?” post at roughly the same time. If ever a heroine seemed incapable of rescuing herself or anyone else it was Haven.
    And no, the fact that she finally stands up to the boss at the end of the book doesn’t really cut it in my view.


  • Keishon
    June 21
    11:07 pm

    I finally wrestled this back from my co-worker. After your review, I am dying to read it.


  • anon
    June 22
    5:15 am

    Laura, I did not enjoy this book either. But, it was because she did too good of a job with the subject matter and I was constantly having flashbacks to my first marriage.

    The little things he did, said and how she reacted to them brought the past back more vividly than I prefer. I found I couldn’t properly focus on the romance as I was caught up in my private hell once more.

    This book made my tummy hurt, yet I was helpless to finish it. I just wish I had a Hardy. 🙂


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