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I got this from Ellen Ashe’s blog:

“Subject: [flirtingwithpassionnewsletter] Important Notice!!!!!

New Concepts Publishing has recently released a story that has my name on it. I did not finish writing HOWL FOR ME. I have no idea who the two other authors are on the cover on what their involvement in this project is. It was not an anthology. I wrote three chapters of a proposal for a full length novel a year and a half ago and that was ALL that NCP ever received from me. HOWL FROM ME as it is being released from NCP is not a story that I wrote and completed and I encourage my readers not to purchase the book expecting this to be a release from me. I’ll have more details on this frustrating situation in my next newsletter. If you have already purchased the book under the assumption it was a complete story from me, I encourage you to complain to NCP.


Thanks to you-know-who for the heads up.


  • Ghetto Diva
    June 26
    1:36 pm

    Will the police come after me through the web, (Evil Grin) if I say someone needs to “bitch slap” the head of NCP?

    Either that, or Madris needs medication.


  • Miss Kitty
    June 26
    5:44 pm

    Oh my God!


  • Holy fricking shit! Check this out- just appeared on NCP PUBLIC bulletin board.


  • Ghetto Diva
    June 26
    6:01 pm

    Notice of Breach of Contract and Intention to Resolve

    In as much as author Shalon Stewart aka Sydney Somers has refused to honor her obligations to this company regarding completion of her novels Howl for Me and One Dark Knight. And, in as much as New Concepts Publishing has invested money in art, editing, and promotion of these two books as well as other considerations and Ms. Shalon Stewart having been informed of this circumstance has stated the intention of not completing the projects, New Concepts Publishing has taken such steps as they deem appropriate to resolve this situation.



  • Talk about airing your own stupidity. How is it ethical to post publicly CONFIDENTIALLY INTENTIONED business?

    How many stupid things can she do?

    I might be talking through my hat, but honestly, why is that kind of confidential author to pub/pub to author information on a PUBLIC NOTICE?

    ETA: Did she just dump like the whole writing list in one lump of disregard to private affairs or what?


  • She did this publically to flip the finger at all the authors who have been voicing their disgust with her and her company. Time she revealed her pen names and her two daughter’s pen names.
    What’s fair is fair, eh?


  • So utterly surprising NOT we gave ’em a special award today.
    I’ve kept up with a lot of their controversy, and one thing stands out: they’ve accused authors of disclosing company matters when it comes out they’ve screwed anyone. Yet here they are, the big-shots, disclosing to the public. Deliberately not protecting authors’ real names is, yea, as low as it gets. Well, maybe comparable to that thing about giving away their e-books as promotional freebies. If they’re not going to market or promote these now, I can’t help but ask, WHY THE HELL??


  • I suggest someone takes screen shots of this. Who knows how long before it’s taken down?


  • NCP has left the station and gone down to crazytown. Karen, you’re blog’s going to be burning the midnight oil buzzing about this one.
    And to think I almost published a book with them (shudder). I knew SOMETHING was up when Michelle Pillow’s books started being taken down off Fictionwise.


  • But Michelle Pillow never, ever said a word – never as much as piped-up about anything with NCP – not on NCP author loop and not on authorpromotion – well, since I came on board to NCP and that’s about 2 years – in fact, Michelle, other than ‘loan’ her name to appear next to Mandy Roth’s when advertising/pitching promo for Raven/blog, does not speak up – so whatever of her books is being taken down at Fictionwise it’s because their contract’s expired and some of those books have been out…well, for years so it’s not like she’s withdrawing her NCP contract…and since Fictionwise needs you to have 10 books if you want to put them up, I sort of have a feeling that this is where Michelle is heading – just ending long-term run with NCP so she can submit her collection to Fictionwise herself for another profitable run – and since I read all the way to the BOTTOM of that NCP ‘release’ public notice, all those releases were for contracts that were ending – I don’t think all those were unhappy authors – and I have to disagree with the observations here that this is more of the same kind of insanity as has been going on these past few months…

    this is not insanity. This in fact reads to me like very, very formal and serious legalese – which is far more worrisome than any shenanigans, insanity and whatnot NCP presented for us in the past. Far more worrisom precisely because it sounds so dry, formal and…well, hate to say it – CORRECTIVE measures invariably spell legal advice and handling – so that’s worrisome since I’m still their author for at least another year if not more. Edita.


  • Ellen F.
    June 27
    5:13 am

    “…so whatever of her books is being taken down at Fictionwise it’s because their contract’s expired and some of those books have been out…well, for years so it’s not like she’s withdrawing her NCP contract…”

    But one *can’t* just withdraw from the NCP contract. The best any author can do is notify NCP that they want their book to be let go at the end of the contract period. Otherwise, the contract normally continues. Therefore, we can probably assume that all these authors are actively seeking to be released. In my case, I had two books released on that page. I still have seven others, which won’t revert to me until the contract periods are up.

    To me, the big issue here is that NCP publicly posted pen names along with real names. A lot of authors (the NCP owners included, apparently) do NOT want their real names and pen names emblazoned all over the internet. As a result, this comes across as something of an implicit threat (whether intentionally or not): “Sure, we’ll give you back the rights you’re entitled to, but we’ll also expose your real name to the world.” Doing it by private email would have been far preferable, IMHO.

    “But Michelle Pillow never, ever said a word – never as much as piped-up about anything with NCP – not on NCP author loop and not on authorpromotion -”

    A lot of authors do not want to get in the middle of any sort of controversy when they have a lot of books with the publisher that they need to get back. I have no idea what Michelle’s situation is, and am not trying to speculate on her motives at all. I’m just saying that just because an author doesn’t denounce a publisher doesn’t mean he or she isn’t quietly waiting for rights to revert.


  • I agree with Ellen F. When you have situations like this, just because authors don’t trumpet their feelings or actions in public doesn’t mean they approve or are hiding their heads in the sand. They might be working behind the scenes, working with an agent, or what have you. All people react to situations differently and not all of them blog.


  • This is a great blog, and I don’t even read romance books! I was interested in finding out about the NCP abuses;publishers are always doing this kind of BS to writers. I gather it’s a British company, and you’re in England? Do you have any organization like the National Writers Union that’s in the States? NCP is up to some hairy stuff,sounds like.

    It took me awhile to figure out what “AA romance” meant. Jeez! I cannot believe we’re at the point, culturally, of categorizing romance by race! I for one always dream and fantasize in full color.


  • Hi Marcy, welcome! NCP is most definitely an American company, although I am indeed a Brit.


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