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Warning: Rant Ahead.

Most of you will not have a clue as to what I am talking about, nor will you care, but I felt it was a post I wanted in my archives.

As a black person, I can listen to any genre of music, and I mean any. I love Barbra Streisand, Maria Callas, Take That, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Don Williams, Scissor Sisters, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Snow Patrol, Otis Redding, Fifty Cent, Dolly Parton (Oh how I love thee Dolly), Celine Dion, Coldplay, Whitney, The Arctic Monkeys, Mariah, Doris Day, Bob Marley, Shania Twain,  Bon Jovi, Travis, Jim Reeves, Madonna, Coldplay, and the list goes on.

Why? Because all of the above artists are/were musicians, and I love music. Of course I have my favourite genres, those artists whose albums I will always buy, because I love their work so much, but I can literally listen to anything.

I pride myself on my slightly eclectic taste in music, because I think it’s healthy to be able to appreciate different music genres.

Now I can listen to Jay-Z, but I’ve never really been a fan of his music, with the exception of a few of his collaborations. When I heard that he’d been asked to headline at Glastonbury this year, my first thought was, Jesus, he’s brave.


Because Glastonbury is traditionally a rock festival, usually attended by a mostly-white audience.

In the past, the festival has boasted acts such as, The Arctic Monkeys, Chemical Brothers, Paul McCartney, Oasis, Rod Stewart, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay etc, and nary a rapper amongst them. This year however, Michael Eavis, the show’s producer, and owner of the farm that the festival takes place on, decided to take a risk and invite Jay-Z. Well, there was such an outcry that one would have thought that he’d just invited Robert Mugabe to take part in the festivities.

Basically, the predominantly white attendees complained that they didn’t want a rapper/hip-hop artist infiltrating their traditionally whiter than white festival. Lots of people swore that if he was kept on as the main act, they would not be attending the festival this year. Ticket sales were slow, and only just sold out at the last minute. Noel Gallagher, the song-writing half of the band, Oasis, came out and denounced the decision to include Jay Z, saying that hip-hop had no place at Glastonbury.

Anyway, after all the controversy and the hulabaloo, I tuned in to watch Jay-Z’s performance last night at Glasto.

I knew he was going to have a good night when he came on stage miming to Oasis’ mega hit, Wonderwall. The crowd really appreciated this and sang along with him. He then segued into 99 Problems, and his performance truly began. He cleverly worked the crowd, and gave the performance possibly of his life. Just the kind of big fuck-you that Noel Gallagher and his small-minded posse deserved.

Music is music is music, and whether you’d rather listen to Wonderwall or 99 Problems, is just a matter of personal taste. No genre should be excluded in a festival officially entitled, Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts.

‘Performing arts’ doesn’t mean, only white, guitar-based rock bands allowed.

Rant over.


  • December Quinn/Stacia Kane
    June 29
    5:56 pm

    And I’m so glad his performance was so well-received. I was worried, because I quite like him (okay, sort of. It’s actually that I have a huge girl-crush on Beyonce.)

    Did you see Amy punch the guy in the crowd?


  • I admit, I absolutely detest rap and hip-hop with a deep, dark, grating passion. At the same time, LOTS of people enjoy it. If you’re at a dam festival and this kind of music starts, just stroll (or ok, run like hell) to the concessions stand. Cover your ears and wait it out or hook up to your blaster. Even better, make out with your girl and hum something by Bon Jovi, Aerosmith or AC/DC. Hells Bells people, there’s room enough in the world for all types of music! That Gallagher guy is a jerk.


  • Dana
    June 29
    6:32 pm

    Here’s a youtube video of the performance. Awesome. I wish I could have been there.


    I’m Asian and people are always shocked that I listen to all types of music. Including pop, folk, rock, and hip hop. Apparently I’m only supposed to be listening to classical, while I program a computer. (I’ve actually had someone say this to me.)

    And of course I shouldn’t be reading romance novels, or really any sort of fiction (except if your male, sci-fi is ok, cause all male Asians are geeks), but be reading the classics, and studying.

    Ugh. Sorry for the rant, but I’ve been having a bad race week.

    And speaking of Dolly Parton, I love, love her cover of Stairway to Heaven. So fucking gorgeous.


  • Mr. Gallagher is just jealous because he and his equally bratty sibling can’t perform live for shit. Those two need a spanking. NOT the fun kind, either. I’m not a Jay-Z fan myself, but c’mon. Pull that stick out of your butt and relax, Noel.

    This reminds me of when some of the Deadhead types (not all, but some; the traditionlists, mostly) complained about Bonnaroo branching out to include *gasp!* non-jam-band types. Phil Lesh still performs there, you can still get organic fair trade soy lattes (really good ones, actually), but IMHO more variety in a music festival is a VERY GOOD THING. I like wandering around and discovering music that’s new to me.


  • Once again, Jay-Z, musician and businessman extraordinaire, proves he’s mega successful because he knows his market.

    BTW, I love how he sampled “Back in Black.”


  • katieM
    June 30
    2:44 am

    Sigh. No one ever mentions Tito Puente. Over 100 albums. My absolute favorite performer of all time.

    Anyhow, music snobbery is just like romance snobbery. At least music by Black people isn’t as openly race categorized as romances are.


  • Geez, considering just how popular rap and hiphop are right now, it’s kind of stupid to NOT consider them part of Contemporary Performing Art.

    I mean, it’s cutting out a huge part of the current trend in music. If they wanna do that, they should call it the SELECTIVE contemporary performing arts.

    I’m not a rap or hiphop fan but just cutting it out makes no sense.

    And Karen, lady, you’ve got some seriously varied tastes.


  • LMAO. I don’t pay attention to a word Noel or Liam has to say. Most of the time they are so drunk you can’t understand what they’re saying anyway.


  • Jenns
    June 30
    6:19 pm

    What a rude and spoiled-bratish thing for Noel Gallagher to say. Kind of cements the drunken jerk reputation.


  • Um, is Oasis still relevant? I’m sure Noel Gallagher isn’t even on Jay-Z’s radar.


  • As a matter of fact I saw the story about Jay Z at this festival on BBC America World News. Naturally I hadn’t ever heard of Glastonbury, much less that they had a festival. I’m glad he worked it! I’m not a big Jay Z fan either, but I admire talent and business smarts in one package. Noel who? LOL


  • Joining in on the Noel thing. He makes a living out of slagging off acts like ‘Boys to Men’ ‘Girls Aloud’ and other lame small time fish egg stir-fry non-aggressive pop puppets. Glastobury Tor is on a weird masonic ley-line and King Arthur of ‘The Knights Templar’- a black magic masonic rite of devil-worshippers and race hate guys that are trying to sodomize desperate guitar acts into becoming rich desperate guitar acts. – The4 Beatles were made by a queer who was gimping in the red light Hamburg district- post war shithole. Freddie Mercury vowed to continue having gay sex after getting AIDS without a condom. Jimi Hendrix was made by the obviously homo Chas Chandler of the animals. Look for photos of the owner of Creation Records- Alan Mcgee- a real gimpoid if there ever was one who supplied Noel with the money to convince the apathetic and easy Camden Town pubs of central London that he was their mate.
    Cocaine Supernova- they have BNP racists who deal the coke to stupid students who do not realise that it is a crap drug that does nothing except after being drunk and then you do not remember what you have done after.
    Jim Morrison was the son of Admiral George Morrison – the youngest serving Admiral at the time of the USA Navy and if you research him you will find that he was partly to blame for triggering the Vietnam war after a failed mission where he blew up a small rowing boat in some Bay miles from the intended location after he mistook it for a Patrol Ship being used by the French NVA.
    Not to mention that Jim Morrison and his gang of rennaisance men claimed to be gay to avoid the draft even though Jim’s reputation as devourer of women students assholes is well thought about.
    I was myself propositioned in my many near-famous legacy in the record business by a gay former tour manager of a very famous brit-rockband i cannot name because I will be murdered at some point soon and i want to protect my family.
    I have a barricade on my door and large bolts to it as well as bolted studio door in my flat where my studio is.
    Nobody goes to the pub anymore because i am a scared shaman who is isolated and despised by the popstars that walk about this city who all know who i am after i hand them business cards to thousands of them during the days i venture out to find like-minds to at least make things work again.
    look at the blogs on my page.
    i know a lot more of all of this and intend to destroy the whole planet instead of us serving the devil in hell or their perverted heaven which was over-run by the demonic love-slave devil worshippers of the 60’s who have taken over ‘town’ and want us to be devoured by ‘Lucky Jim’.
    To be brutally honest- Jim knew of me from his time-travelling on acid where I met him when i was 17 years old and he tried to usurp my soul.
    I can sing like him quite easily and have done in a post grunge band i was lead singer for whilst i studied music technology on the isle of wight- 1993-1995- i was kicked out for being too much like Jim (without the aristocratic lineage)
    My Grandfather on my mother’s side drove prohibition for Al Capone.
    My father is an import from the UK island of St Helena- the place of exile of Napoleon- a place that Jim actually described in detail i found on one interview on the internet.
    You will probably not be able to find it as the internet is a con that promotes freedom whilst nervous people of any intellect are shepharded away from each other in a huge global conspiracy.
    My birthday is 11th of dec 1973
    I am the eldest of three brothers (Ralph Reuben and Ryan)
    and there are 3 years between each of our births.
    Compare my birthday with that of Jim and think about why the star constellation has been so fucked up since the year 2001.
    From the novel ‘2001- A Space Odyssey’ – ‘For every human being, a star shines in our universe’ or some crap like that.
    Ask why the old people all look like their image has changed and why the television has gone funny.
    I jumped out of a 4 floor window whilst paralytic drunk at the age of about 24- i crushed a vertabrae in the centre of my spine and totally crushed my left ankle.
    I was locked in that flat by a friend after he took my keys to go out and he deadlocked the door so i could not leave. I do not remember anything of the accident.
    When i was 30 years old i tried to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff at Brighton marina after drinking a lot of money intended for getting my music studio with.
    I have tried over-dosing many times but am made to continue my life alone with no interaction whilst music psychics bully me to allow their figurehead queer to have sex with me in exchange for a record deal in a business i have no faith in anymore.
    There is much more to tell and you are right to feel scared- http://zeitgeistmovie.com
    see you in the vaccuum of no-space after they murder me.


  • Nola
    December 13
    11:50 pm

    Noel said the Jay-Z bashing was bull made up by the media, he really actually likes Jay-Z. But it seems Jay-Z believed the lies.


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