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Meljean’s Demon Night, yes, I actually left it facing out. *g*

New cover for Nora’s High Noon, much better than the other UK cover

You’ll notice these are Deborah MacGillivray’s books. (You remember her, right? She threatened a reviewer who’d given her three stars on Amazon, as well as displaying a host of other fucktard-like behaviour)  Well, I couldn’t possibly leave them there, so I took all of them, and hid them in various other sections in the store. Including the Black History section. *Chortle*

Yes, I know, highly childish, and probably a pain in the butt for the people who work there.

I encourage everybody else to do the same if the feeling takes you.

I thought I’d stick these two pics in here too. These books in my bedside drawers are ones that I’m planning to read very soon.