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Meljean’s Demon Night, yes, I actually left it facing out. *g*

New cover for Nora’s High Noon, much better than the other UK cover

You’ll notice these are Deborah MacGillivray’s books. (You remember her, right? She threatened a reviewer who’d given her three stars on Amazon, as well as displaying a host of other fucktard-like behaviour)  Well, I couldn’t possibly leave them there, so I took all of them, and hid them in various other sections in the store. Including the Black History section. *Chortle*

Yes, I know, highly childish, and probably a pain in the butt for the people who work there.

I encourage everybody else to do the same if the feeling takes you.

I thought I’d stick these two pics in here too. These books in my bedside drawers are ones that I’m planning to read very soon. 


  • Rosemary Laurey
    July 1
    12:09 pm

    Wicked, wicked and yes.. a proper pain for the booksellers who are no doubt scouring the entire shop to find the books the computer insists they have in stock.

    And Karen, you would not credit how often books go “missing’ in book shops. We used to wonder if customers didn’t come in when they were bored and shuffle the books up. LOL!


  • I don’t even turn my own books face out–not after my friend the bookseller told me how much she hates people playing with her stock. I figure those are the last people I want to antagonize.


  • Emmy
    July 1
    2:29 pm

    Karen Scott: One Woman Street Team?


  • MD
    July 1
    4:24 pm

    Why don’t you just stick a small post-it note inside the front cover of Deb’s books, saying, “This author harrasses and stalks reviewers on Amazon.” Not even a “do not buy”. Just the simple truth.
    I’d think that’d cut into her sales faster than hiding her books.
    But, sadly, maybe not.


  • OMG, lol!
    I do the same thing with parenting books that recommend letting infants cry themselves to sleep.

    I just bought High Noon and Hidden Riches. Not sure which one to read first.


  • They have a sticker price stamped over the woman’s face on that Blaze book. What a shame!


  • w00t! My dude is nestled between Brockmann’s books! Someone will definitely see it.


  • Karen, you crack me up!! LOL
    Makes me want to go to my local B&N and take some pictures and screw with Deb Mac’s books.


  • anon
    July 2
    12:39 am

    Did anyone hear the Dawn Thompson homage radio show featuring MacGillivray and her Kensington editor and Rowena Cherry? Also Dawn Thompson’s sister was supposed to be on. It also featured Lucinda Betts and Diane Davis White–or was supposed to. I missed it.



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