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Are You One Of The Two In Three?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
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Earlier, I watched an interesting TV show, where they were discussing how common it is for a woman to be flashed at, groped, or mildly sexually abused in some way, whilst going about her business.

Apparently, two out of three women have been victims of mild sexual abuse. This includes being groped in a club, or being flashed at by a pervert, or having an erection pressed into you. (If you live in London, the erection thing happens a lot, especially on the tube)

I’ve definitely experienced being groped. I remember a few years ago, when my friends and I went out in the North East, this guy grabbed my arse, and thought it was hilarious. I of course went totally crazy and tore strips off him. He didn’t think it was so funny then.

So, are you one of the two in three? If so, what was your reaction?

Unbound by Lori Devoti

First in the Unbound series by Ms Devoti, this is actually the second book by hers that I’ve read so far. It introduces us to the nine worlds’ universe, where quite a bit of Norse mythology is real and humans just one of the many beings that inhabit them.

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Unleashed from the Gates of Hell

Risk Leidolf was a hellhound—a legendary, otherworldly creature who was both man and beast. For centuries, he’d been bound to do the bidding of a cruel witch queen. But after being ordered to destroy novice witch Kara Shane, the man within him rebelled. And the beast within him was held at bay—for now.

Fiercely drawn to each other, Risk and Kara soon formed a passionate alliance as they set out to find her missing sibling—and the key to his salvation. For the power unleashed by the twin witches could free him from the witch queen’s bondage. But that freedom came at a steep price. For the fierce battle would put more than one soul at stake… and two hearts on the line.

After seeing her best friend killed by a stray dog at an early age, Kara has been afraid of most everything. She rarely takes any risks and relies on Kelly, her twin, to be strong and keep her safe. But now, Kelly is missing and Kara starts to wonder if she has ever truly known her sister—or herself or the reality of a world in which magic and mythical creatures exist. (more…)

From NCP’s website:

Our office has sustained damage from a severe thunderstorm and our phone and email is temporarily out of service. All emails will be answered as soon as our service has been restored.”

Does anybody really believe them?

Via Emily’s blog.

By the way, I meant to ask the question earlier, but does anybody know if they are still getting lots of new submissions?