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From NCP’s website:

Our office has sustained damage from a severe thunderstorm and our phone and email is temporarily out of service. All emails will be answered as soon as our service has been restored.”

Does anybody really believe them?

Via Emily’s blog.

By the way, I meant to ask the question earlier, but does anybody know if they are still getting lots of new submissions?


  • anon
    July 2
    5:50 pm

    hostile to authors asking too many questions–check
    getting odd about paying on time–check
    putting vaguely legalese statements designed to intimidate authors in notes and on website–check
    mysterious act of god when all else fails. hey, Emily, you’re right–BINGO!

    what do I win? how about a NCP contract? Yippee!!


  • Sorry, those weren’t all in a row. For the toaster-oven you need either ‘illness in the family’, ‘our website was hacked’ or ‘you’ll be hearing from my lawyers’.


  • Thing is, here in the South, rain is heavy…and often. We are prepared for thunderstorms because we get them all the time.

    I did look up their offices on Google Maps….it is in the middle of nowhere. Considering all the additions they’ve financed in the past year, courtesy of the Valdosta Daily Times website, I doubt they have a leaky trailer.

    Yeah, I have been checking up on their local activities…just out of curiosity. They do like getting building permits and making real estate purchases. Makes me wonder if it is some sort of DePasture compound.


  • DebH
    July 3
    3:52 am

    If their email is temporarily out of service, how did they manage to post that information? (I know, public library is a possibility, but it just struck me as funny.)


  • What boggles my mind is how they were able to put out books today…one ebook and several print books, mostly by the owners, but still…


  • I think you heard this all before
    Now you’re gonna hear some more
    I know a place where dreams get crushed
    Hopes are smashed but that ain’t much
    Voluntary experimentation
    Going through soft core mutation
    I’m going under

    ~ DEVO


  • LOL Teddypig. Fits!


  • This is odd. Is NCP reusing their cover art??


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