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When The Bad Guy Isn’t So Bad…

Sunday, July 6, 2008
Posted in: random musings

You know what I hate? When an author tells you that her ‘baddie’ is an evil bastard, but doesn’t show you why and how he’s evil. You’re just supposed to take her word for it.

What’s that about?

Both her and Serena did a great job in the final, and then went on to win the ladies’ doubles, but did she get all the plaudits in the media? Nope, because unfortunately for her, the ladies’ singles title was won by a fourteen year old Brit called Laura Robson.

The back pages of today’s papers will be filled with news of Robson’s win, rather than the fact that Venus Williams won her fifth Wimbledon title. Something not many women have achieved in the game.

As per usual, the British media will make sure that Robson will never be more than a mediocre player when she gets older, by unduly pressurizing her, putting her on a pedestal, and touting her as the next great hope for British tennis.
Mark my words, in a few years time, she will be as average as Annabel Croft, the last Brit who won the girls’ title, proved to be. Harsh, but probably true.

Anyway, congrats to Venus, and Serena, on their wins, and long may it continue. Congrats to Laura too, and hopefully her parents can keep her from buying into her own hype.

Now, I just need Nadal to beat Federer, and Lewis Hamilton to win at Silverstone.