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Both her and Serena did a great job in the final, and then went on to win the ladies’ doubles, but did she get all the plaudits in the media? Nope, because unfortunately for her, the ladies’ singles title was won by a fourteen year old Brit called Laura Robson.

The back pages of today’s papers will be filled with news of Robson’s win, rather than the fact that Venus Williams won her fifth Wimbledon title. Something not many women have achieved in the game.

As per usual, the British media will make sure that Robson will never be more than a mediocre player when she gets older, by unduly pressurizing her, putting her on a pedestal, and touting her as the next great hope for British tennis.
Mark my words, in a few years time, she will be as average as Annabel Croft, the last Brit who won the girls’ title, proved to be. Harsh, but probably true.

Anyway, congrats to Venus, and Serena, on their wins, and long may it continue. Congrats to Laura too, and hopefully her parents can keep her from buying into her own hype.

Now, I just need Nadal to beat Federer, and Lewis Hamilton to win at Silverstone.


  • Am not really tuned in to tennis but I like the fact her parents named her after a goddess – and she became one.


  • I love the Williams sisters. Congrats to them.

    And is it bad that I’ve never heard of Annabel Croft?


  • You know what’s chapping my ass?

    The men’s final is splattered all over the freaking front page at msnbc.com and all over the Sports section first page. But if you want to know what happened on the women‘s final? You gotta SEARCH for it–oh yes, there, tiny, at the bottom, almost as a freaking apology.

    What century do we live in, again?


  • Nearly the same problem in our newspaper. Men’s kickboxer wins title is splashed on the front page. Venus’ win (and sister Serena’s close 2nd place) is in tiny, tiny print below it. We get no respect.


  • Dalia
    July 6
    8:44 pm

    I’m suffering heart palpitations here in the final. Nadal had it on the fingertips but even though his heart is big, he still suffered nerves. I hope he pulls it out but he’s giving Federer more than a run for his money! Compared to the rout that was the French final in particular.

    If not this year, next year, next year, I hope he can do it.

    I’m tired of Fed winning everything! And the commentators on ESPN are ABSOLUTELY ANNOYING. Yes you Jimmy Arias!!!!!


  • Dawn
    July 7
    11:19 am

    Actually, I haven’t seen any press about the Ladies Final.

    Nadal did win! I’m very happy about that. What an exciting final!


  • Leslee
    July 7
    11:28 am

    Congrats on getting one out of those last two! What an amazing match between Nadal and Federer!


  • Actually, I got my wish on all three counts, Hamilton won the British Grandprix, and Nadal beat Federer in a quite thrilling match. The best final I’ve watched in years.


  • Scott
    July 7
    11:48 am

    I wish I could have seen all of the women’s final. I really like Venus, for a few reasons. To me, both her and her sister have always shown class, even if Venus’ emotions got the better of her in 2005.

    I really wished Federer had beaten Nadal in Paris, along with their AWESOME Wimbledon final this year. It would have made it all the more exciting.

    And as for Mr. Hamilton, it’s a matter of time before he wins the Driver’s Championship. It will be a great feat when he does, and hopefully Robert Kubica will win one, too.


  • Ebony
    July 8
    3:01 pm

    This was a great match. I didn’t know who to root for.


  • Marky_mark
    August 11
    10:54 am

    Jimmy Arias is a serious idiot. I get so damn tired of hearing him during the olympics. He can’t say much positive about some of the best players in the world. He must have been sooooo much better…not.


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