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Felicity Stripped Bare, by Vanessa Jaye

Felicity Stripped Bare is Ms Jaye’s debut novel, published by Samhain. In my (never humble) opinion, though, this doesn’t feel, doesn’t read like a debut novel. Not at all. The characters are so appealing and the writing so compelling that I read it in one sitting.

Yes, there are a couple of clichés—the big misunderstanding (more than once), the cold, unfeeling parents and unhappy childhood, the evil other woman. But they work in the context of this story and that is what matters for me as a reader.

We start with the obligatory disclaimer—borrowed directly from the Samhain page for the book—Warning: Smart women outwitting gorgeous men, hot explicit monkey-lovin’ and some graphic language.

Here’s the blurb provided by Ms Jaye:

High-school drop-out Felicity Cameron is newly single (by choice), with a new job, a new home, and she’s just signed up with a tutor because of her dyslexia. So what if her new job is at a strip club? No one has to know. And who cares if her new flat is in a ramshackle house? The rent’s cheap. The important thing is: Felicity is finally getting her life back on track.

Until the house is sold and her new landlord nearly causes her plans to derail. The man is yummy chocolate-coated on the outside. Chewy moron center.

~ * ~

Torn between fulfilling his father’s dynastic visions at the family law firm and pursuing his own dreams as a custom home builder, Daniel Mackenzie isn’t looking for more complications in his life. But complications are what he gets when his latest property purchase, slated for a flip, comes with one constantly complaining tenant. It’s a shame they got off on the wrong foot, though, considering said tenant was quite a looker. Too bad all you could look at were her tonsils ’cause her mouth was always flapping.

~ * ~

As they try to get past that little ol’ eviction thing… Felicity strives to keep all her secrets from him, while Daniel does everything he can to pull her into his life and into his arms. But she seems determined to hold something back, and he’s afraid it’s her heart.

First things first: I love Felicity. Every little victory does count! She has a truckload of issues to deal with and another one of obstacles to surmount—the kind that are used all too often to excuse doormat behaviour. Not our Felicity, no sirree! She fights. Perhaps it’s one baby step at a time, but by golly, she fights. (more…)

Sex Education For Four Year Olds?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008
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No, I don’t effing think that children as young as four years old should be given sex education at school.

Two leading sexual health charities are calling for children as young as four to be given compulsory sex education.

Brook and the Family Planning Association argue that teaching children about sex from a young age would help cut abortion rates and sexually transmitted infections when adolescents. The charities said children should be taught the names of body parts and about sex and relationships.

The Brook chief executive, Simon Blake, said: “If we get high-quality sex and relationships education in every primary and secondary school across the UK all the evidence shows teenage pregnancy rates will continue to fall and will improve young people’s sexual health.

No, no, and effing no.

It’s bad enough there are retailers out there who produce sexy underwear, and stiletto shoes for under fives, but actually teaching them about sex? Absolutely not.

Children lose their innocence at a young enough age these days, the last thing they need is for that innocence to be taken from them at an even younger age.

What is the world coming to?