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Via Sydney Somers’ blog:

25.07.08 – Again, I first want to apologize for having to take a publisher grievance public. Unfortunately New Concepts Publishing isn’t leaving me much of a choice. They have released another unfinished partial of mine, One Dark Knight, as part of a round robin anthology I did not authorize. I want to be clear that there is no clause in my contracts that gives NCP the legal right to finish my work or have any other author infringe on my copyrighted material. Yes, NCP knows is aware there is no clause as the owner admitted to that in a previous e-mail to me.

I can’t pretend to understand why they went ahead with both releases knowing this, but I once again ask my readers not to buy this book. I had hoped to see this matter resolved through the formal complaint process with the RWA, but at this time it appears as if NCP plans to disregard the complaint sent on my behalf. Also, it seems I’m now on moderation on the NCP reader loop and am unable to post to let readers know about this new development.

How these people are still in business, I’ll never know.

Thanks to you-know-who for the heads up


  • Jill
    July 26
    2:02 am

    You should sue them for copyright infringement, which by the way is a federal offense. See if you can find an attorney to file it pro bono or at a reduced rate. Better yet, given all the problems they are giving their authors, see if you can find an attorney willing to bring a class-action suit against them on behalf of many wronged authors.

    Are you a member of the Authors Guild? They have a lot more power than RWA.


  • The Authors Guild is a must have for any writer. The have serious legal power behind them and they love to jump into stuff like this.


  • I have to say, I’d be getting a lawyer. Costly, yes. But worth it. Also, if on Sydney’s other contracts there are no definite “due dates”… not writing the books is an option.


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