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Rumour Has It No. 4579…

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Posted in: Rumour has it

…That a former RT¬†regular has been snubbed this year, and will not be appearing on any panels during RT 2009. Not. One. Panel. Unless of course somebody cancels, and they can’t get anybody else to stand in.

Perhaps her reputation as a vindictive freakish rhinoceros proceeded her?

Oh yeah, and also, EC Gropers and strippers notwithstanding, congrats to Jane and SB Sarah, on being asked to run a blogging panel at RT.

I laughed when I received both bits of good news. You gotta smile at how things work out dontcha?

FYI, TTG and I may be going to Florida (again) for our hols that month, so you never know, I may just take one for the team and show my face.

Now wouldn’t that be interesting? *g*