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I finished reading Goodnight, Beautiful yesterday, and I’m still crying over it.¬†Will review when I stop sobbing.

Damn, but Dorothy Koomson knows how to write.


  • I can’t wait to read your review. I love everything by this author. I’m going to go purchase my copy right now!!!


  • OH! cool. I read another Koomson book not too long ago, and am now working my way through everything I can get my hands on! Must remember not to read this one on the train though, in case I absolutely cry my eyes out like I did with MBFG.


  • Ok, since I can’t see the dude’s face very well on that cover I’m going to guess that’s NOT Gary Coleman.

    LOL Hey Karen. How are you?


  • bam
    August 14
    12:59 am

    I WANT IT.

    but it’s not on Amazon.com yet… *sad face*


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