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What’s So Great About Outdoor Sex?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Posted in: random rambling

In our local rag, there’s an article about the increasing problem of people having outdoor sex in local beauty spots.

Apparently the warm weather brings these people out in their droves.

The paper refers to a girl who was gang-banged by five blokes on the bonnet of a car in broad daylight. I couldn’t figure out how they all managed to fit on the car.

Nearby residents weren’t happy about having their peace destroyed by the continuous grunting.

Apparently, this isn’t a one-off. This is a popular past-time for some people.

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

Even when I’m reading erotic romance, if the protags start having sex in public, I find myself worrying about them being caught.

Does this mean I’m actually a prude?


Vicious Vixen, by Shiloh Walker

This is an erotic romance published by Samhain Publishing. Ms Walker’s talent lies in her characterization, and this one is no exception. Vicious Vixen is a very intense, if relatively short, read. The narrative shifts between the two main characters, and in two timelines; however, I hesitate to describe these shifts as flashbacks. It is more that the characters are overwhelmed by the intensity of their memories.

Before going any further, though, let’s have the usual warning, taken directly from the publisher: the following contains violence, hot sex and one vicious vixen.

Here’s the surprisingly accurate blurb:

He’s given one chance at redemption—hers and his.
Hired killer, Vixen Markham doesn’t have any illusions about life or love. Unable to trust even the one man she lets into her heart, she makes a decision that she’ll regret for the rest of her life—which won’t be much longer by the looks of things. Loaded with vengeance and a small arsenal of weapons, she’s ready to face up to her past and say goodbye to her future, until she’s confronted by a pair of eyes she could never forget.
Graeme Mackenzie Lawson lived a hard life. Hard on himself and harder on those who got in his way. Betrayed and murdered, he’s given one chance at redemption—but not for himself—for the woman he loved, the woman who killed him.
Can he keep Vixen safe, when she seems determined to lose her life—and her soul?