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What’s So Great About Outdoor Sex?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Posted in: random rambling

In our local rag, there’s an article about the increasing problem of people having outdoor sex in local beauty spots.

Apparently the warm weather brings these people out in their droves.

The paper refers to a girl who was gang-banged by five blokes on the bonnet of a car in broad daylight. I couldn’t figure out how they all managed to fit on the car.

Nearby residents weren’t happy about having their peace destroyed by the continuous grunting.

Apparently, this isn’t a one-off. This is a popular past-time for some people.

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

Even when I’m reading erotic romance, if the protags start having sex in public, I find myself worrying about them being caught.

Does this mean I’m actually a prude?



  • Or that you are not an exhibitionist, hence can’t see the appeal.

    For the record, neither am I, which means that reading about it in fiction just yanks me out of the story.


  • The closest I’ve ever done to “outdoor sex” was in the backseat of a car. And, well, while it kinda made my anxiety have a field day, there are people who get turned on by the thrill of possibly getting caught. (Don’t ask me why, I think it’s more trouble than it’s worth.)

    It usually pulls me out of the story in books, too, with some exception. I have a fondness for “way out in the wilderness” type scenes. >.>


  • Dorothy Mantooth
    August 12
    6:31 pm

    Yes. You are a prude. 😉

    No, of course it doesn’t make you a prude. It makes you a person with a sense of decorum and appropriateness. I have had outdoor sex and thought it was great fun, but that was, as Nonny said, way out in the wilderness, not just off the road or in a park where somebody could push a stroller past at any minute.


  • I’ve enjoyed sex in many an outdoor spot. Am I an exhibitionist? Maybe. But I’d rather much see two people making love outdoors than fighting, arguing over an unmowed lawn, a barking dog, a crying baby or worse, just outright doing something harmful to somebody.


  • Sam
    August 12
    7:34 pm

    A friend and I interrupted a couple of teens recently. They were all of 15 – 20 feet from the road (we were out walking at 9:15 am). The worst part for me was the embarrassed and uncomfortable giggling reaction. What am I, 12?



  • It doesn’t make you a prude, I don’t think. Outdoor sex is fine, provided there’s privacy. PUBLIC sex is a whole other thing. I mean, who wants to see a stranger’s wrinkly bits? (shudder)

    I like sex as much as the next girl, but it’s not the hardest thing in the world to do. If it were, they’d have a category in the Olympics. Since they don’t, proving you can do it with five guys on a car hood in broad daylight (seriously? In the summer? Hope she had a towel or somthing cause damn, that would burn) just shows a lack of class.

    Maybe that’s what makes it distasteful. It lacks self-respect or consideration for others. It’s just fricken rude, lol. Public sexuality never speaks to me as uncontrollable passion so much as a disregard for your partner.

    That said, give me some privacy fences and a glass of wine and the hubby probably ought to run for his life.


  • TTG and I used to make out in his car all the time when we were younger, but it was usually dark, and miles away from any pedestrians. Making out in cars affords you a bit of privacy at least. Having a gang-bang on the bonnet of a car in broad daylight is something else.


  • Gang bangs? No thanks. But picking your nose in public is what I consider rude, lol.
    BTW Karen, you’re the cutest prude around 🙂


  • It doesn’t make you a prude, I don’t think. Outdoor sex is fine, provided there’s privacy. PUBLIC sex is a whole other thing.

    Ditto what Dee said.

    I cannot concieve of the 5-on-1 daylight gang-bang. urk!


  • Aemelia
    August 13
    12:36 am

    I live in Michigan…the only thing that comes to mind when I hear “outdoor sex” is mosquitos (ugh!)


  • Sorry, but I like being comfortable enough, both physically and psychologically, actually to enjoy what I’m doing.


  • I’ve had my share of outdoor sex, usually at 3 in the morning in damp grass. And yeah. Bare asses and mosquitos are a bad combination.


  • Anon76
    August 13
    3:12 pm

    A good dose of poison ivy on your private bits will cure some of those “romping in the wilderness” urges.


  • Randi
    August 13
    3:47 pm

    Karen, “gang-bang” must mean something different in the UK than is does in the US; because I’m more concerned that some girl was being raped by five guys, in public, during the day, and the only response from the neighborhood was annoyance at the “grunting”.


  • Nope, it means, quite literally, multiple males on a single female in both UK and US. It’s equated with rape most often because it’s not common otherwise, but sadly, there are consensual gang bangs. Sigh.



  • Mara
    August 13
    7:19 pm

    I don’t have any problem with people who want to do their lovemaking out of doors as long as they’re careful about where they are–and what they leave behind.

    We have a very forested park in our county, which attracts het and gay couples alike, and it has been getting a lot of attention from authorities lately because of the used condoms left behind–and, unfortunately, the occasional hypodermic syringe and other such paraphenalia–not good things to be lying around in the grass where families picnic with small children and pets.

    Of course, the conservative newspapers target the gay couples in these instances, claiming they are destroying everyone’s freedom to enjoy the park–while the paper doesn’t bother to lay any blame on the het couples at all.


  • Mara, that reminds me of a family reunion when I was a kid. One of my uncles was a doctor and he’d drove to the park where it was straight after his short Saturday shift was over. Always fond of us kiddies he brought along boxes of “balloons” from the hospital. One set were actually rubber gloves, and the others were condoms. But we sure had hours of fun! LOL


  • I was cocktail waitressing at a fairly popular nightclub during the early evening on a slow night. On the slow nights, they “closed” down half of the club by having the lights turned off.

    A couple we’d never seen before went straight for the back corner in the dark “closed” area, and started making out in a round booth that was the VIP booth on busy nights. Me and the other waitress took turns walking all the way to the other side to see if they wanted to order, but they acted like we were interrupting their makeout session, so we slowed down our trips.

    A little while later, one of started to make the trip again, but returned to the open area after noticing they were about to “engage”!

    We enjoyed eating the ice there because it was soft, so we always had ice handy during slower times, so one of us chunked ice across the room at the couple. I swear I can’t remember which one of us did it first, but after the shocked giggles, the other one chunked some ice too.

    At first, nobody else there knew what we were doing, because we tried to cover our throwing motions. But because we were giggling so much, some looked over and caught us.

    It didn’t take very long before all the other customers in there were chunking tiny soft ice pieces at the couple. Not all hit them because it was such a long distance, but I bet at least 1 in 4 hit them. They’d look around a little at first, then all of us would look away…la la la.

    Eventually the bartender ratted us out to the manager who had finally come out from the office. He chewed both of us out quietly for a few minutes — we were still on the floor, but the customers kept chunking ice while we explained how the woman’s top was up and we actually saw her boob a few times, and he was working on her lower parts when we started throwing the ice.

    With all the customers laughing because they were still taking turns chunking ice, the manager finally started laughing himself. So that was the end of our chewing out, because it’s hard to chew someone out when you’re laughing.

    The customers really were into chunking ice by that time, and no longer took turns. It was like a minor hail storm by the time the public nookie couple left. Everyone cheered, bought each other drinks, and it was one of our better nights in drink sales for slow nights. Ah camaraderie against pervs LOL


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