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AztecLady speaks: This makes me sad.

Thursday, August 21, 2008
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

Mama gorilla mourning her dead baby.Frank Augstein/AP

Yes, there are plenty of human tragedies around the globe that make me much sadder, but there is something so incredibly poignant about this poor creature, mourning her dead baby in the only way she can.

Image: Frank Augstein/AP


  • 🙁 Primates feel grief just as we do. That she’s an animal not human doesn’t change that.

    Poor thing.


  • Mad
    August 21
    10:38 pm

    Awww, that’s so sad…


  • Jenns
    August 22
    12:54 am

    I came across an article about this on the web last night. The image absolutely breaks my heart. Like Shiloh said: poor thing.


  • Cindy
    August 22
    2:03 am

    The poor little soul. I mourn with her.


  • It breaks my heart, too. I remember watching a TV show once in which a herd of elephants mourned after the death of a member. It was so much like funereal services, the way they gathered around and stayed close together, as if to comfort one another, it was eerie and touching all at the same time.


  • willaful
    August 24
    1:47 am

    If you’ve ever read Songs of a Gorilla Nation, you might find it hard to even say they’re animals. It’s a staggering book.


  • Oh, that is so sad!


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