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Warning: The following post is not for the faint of heart. *g*


I’m pretty sure there must be females out there who ‘gush’ when they climax, but really, is this a common thing, because I gotta say, nearly every erotic romance book that I read seem to feature gushing heroines.

These days, it’s not enough that they’re wet, no, no, they have to erupt like fucking mount vesuvius.

What’s that about?

Whenever I come across a ‘gushing’ heroine, I can’t help but imagine a woman with a tap sticking out of her fanny. (a fanny in England is the vagina, not the arse)

You can imagine how that would kinda kill the moment.

Totally makes me want to giggle out loud, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the original intention of the author.

Just sayin’.


  • I’ll take a modesty pass on answering your question directly, but there’s a funny thread at Amazon about oddities in romance novels, and one of the posters had this to say, which I think is 1. relevant to your post, 2. too true, and 3. very funny:

    ”After a long night of much gushing and squirting, am I the only reader that thinks “dehydration”? I love Lora Leigh, but seriously, her characters need to retire for the night with a gallon of Gatorade.”

    Seriously, I think there’s only so much further for the envelope to be pushed in writing erotic scenes, so authors are making human bodies do things on a grander and grander scale. Pretty soon we’ll have orgasmic contractions that don’t just “milk” the hero, but break him in two.


  • :-O Oh man… the imagery…


  • lol. Reminds me of an episode of Californication where the David Duchovny character is having a 3-some with his recently separated agent and some random girl. He keeps trying to get his friend’s attention (who is busy, head down between the girl’s thighs). Friend ignores him and finally David yells out ‘She’s a squirter!’–unfortunately a moment too late. Friend gets hit with her orgasmic tsunami like it was a Kool-aid commercial. Too. Funny.

    Back to all the gushing, dripping, weeping, and copious emptying of bodily fluids into various body cavities, what about leakage? I always wonder about the wet spot. That mutha must be huge–as in good luck in finding a dry spot. I mean do they just marinate in that frothy mix of sweat, saliva, lube and ejaculate for the rest of the night? Maybe that’s why that first “morning breath” kiss the next day is not a problem, who’s gonna notice the parfume de placque wafting over teeth, tongue and gums when you’re both wearing the resulting full-body facial from last night’s activities… :-p

    And now I shall leave you with those pleasant ponderings…. ::flounces off::


  • First saw this mentioned in one of the Anita Blake books – and first I thought her bladder broke.
    Don’t see how sloppy is sexy.


  • vanessa, I would totally hate you–for leaving me with those pleasant ponderings *snort*–if I weren’t laughing so hard.


  • che
    August 31
    6:49 pm

    I suppose if wet is code for aroused, then gushing is code for super aroused. But seriously, it’s one of those things that is TMI. Just as I don’t want to read about an accidental fart during a love scene, neither do I want to read about a fountain of viscous goo. To each her own.


  • Um, no, not for me as a reader or a writer. That will never happen in my books. Never.


  • Hm. From a male perspective: doesn’t bother me. I’ll take a gusher any day over a dry hump. Unless its a Lora Leigh gusher scene. Then again, that’s a moot point.


  • I just have an aversion to words like “gush” and “squirt” when applied to what happens during a woman’s climax. It’s like the difference between the terms “slick petals” and “bearded clam”.

    Even if a woman does gush or squirt, isn’t there a more appealing way to word it?


  • Well, here’s the perfect accoutrement for the gusher females (among us?) to take care of the wet spot/bed issue, grin.


    I don’t have an issue with the wordage, since we don’t use ‘nicer’ words for the same thing in guys either. I do wonder if the ‘gushless’ women feel inferior when reading all those scenes Karen came across (I don’t read Lora Leigh, and I can’t remember having read any erotic romance with ‘gusher females’).

    It seems there are women who ‘ejaculate’ during orgasm, but I’ve not met one or maybe I have and they just don’t admit it. 🙂


  • a fountain of viscous goo

    Whoa. Now that puts in in perspective, eh? Yuck. I’ve never used the word gush in a sexual context and never will.

    But men do kinda squirt. 🙂


  • Kaycee
    September 1
    2:20 am

    K.Z. Snow said it best :

    MOST men do in fact “squirt” where as MOST women DON’T.


  • If you look at a man’s boyo when he’s standing on his head, he does look like a tap.


    Ok, I can’t believe I wrote that and I’ll flounce off to sit with Vanessa.


  • Sam
    September 1
    5:21 am

    The only time I gushed was when my water broke. There was no way anyone was going UP when I had someone wanting OUT.



  • Dorothy Mantooth
    September 1
    9:05 am

    Lol everyone!

    “Squirt” is not a sexy word anyway. It is yuckily onomatopaeic; when I hear it I picture the man coming in drips and drabs, accompanied by a sort of “thprt” “thpit” farty sound. Which is just icky. Or like how a grapefruit squirts when you stick a spoon into it, and it goes into your eye.

    I don’t think “gush” is so bad–there are a limited number of words, after all, so if we don’t want to use the same ones over and over in a scene we need to branch out–but if I really think about it, I think of old men in yellow hats and slickers shouting, “She’s coming down a gusher!” which is just kind of ick.

    But I suppose really a gush could be relative. “Squirt” just…isn’t sexy.


  • Yea when I hear “Squirt” I envision a minor male character who haunts the local tavern and knows everything there is to know about penis extensions. You know, the guy in the story who just ain’t getting any.


  • My pet peeve? Ropey streams/strands of cum…

    It’s wrong on so many levels, and every time I read it I imagine some guy squirting out semen like silly string out of a can.


  • Dorothy Mantooth
    September 1
    5:12 pm

    Lol AnneD, I used that phrase once in the hero’s POV specifically to convey that image. 🙂

    But only once. It’s not an image I normally want to give, it just worked in that scene (at least I hope it did.)


  • I want to post something funny, but damn, I cannot stop laughing and I’m telling you right now, will NOT be reading this post to the hubby! (God, what if I find out something about myself I didn’t want to know!)

    Dee (who is almost afraid to admit a close friendship with Vanessa, but impressed as hell she pressed “submit”)


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