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See what I meant here about the good peeps of the online romance community?

Shiloh Walker is participating in the Unleash Your Story fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. You can help her, and many people affected by this terrible disease. Go check it out at her blog or here.

If you could choose to be born with one of the following attributes, which one would you pick?

Amazing athletic ability?

This is a conversation, that myself and my girlfriends had the other day.

It seems pretty straight cut, that most people would pick brains, and indeed, I picked brains initially, but then Friend No 1 asked what if I could stand being super-intelligent, but ugly as sin (yes, I know, beauty is in th eye of the beholder, but whatever), and this made me pause.

Friend no. 2 tried to quote a stat from somewhere that apparently proved that beautiful people were usually more successful than ugly intelligent people. (She couldn’t name her source, so I’m assuming it was something she read in OK! magazine.)

I think she may have had a point. No, seriously. Political correctness be damned.

Anyway, I changed my mind, and picked beauty. I know, I know, and me a bordeline feminist too.

The thing is, being born beautiful is a much more useful attribute, because instead of working hard for success, I could simply marry a successful man. Or sleep my way to the top. *g*

Shallow much? Unfortunately, not shallow enough, because I suddenly remembered how much dumb people piss me off, and went back to brains.

Which one would you choose? And don’t be afraid to be shallow, I certainly wont be judging you for it. *G*

We all love drama. The more convoluted, drawn out, ridiculous it is, the more we love it.

Some of us love it behind closed doors—or in the case of these here intrawebz, by lurking quietly in the background. And some of us have to be on hand wherever pieces of the wreckage happen to fall. The majority of us, like any good normal distribution, fall somewhere in between these extremes. And more power to us, really.

But occasionally, even the most stalwart among us get a tad fed up with all the screeching of “mean girlz” and the batshit crazy, so today I would like to list some of the amazingly cool people I’ve met around blogland this year. I say some because I’m liable to forget one or more (please do forgive me if your name isn’t mentioned—I’m having a CRS* day) (Perhaps I shouldn’t write this now…) (But then, there’s no guarantee I’ll ever get over the CRS*) (more…)