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Dark Hunger, by Sara Reinke

Second in the Brethren series, Dark Hunger begins just a few days after the events narrated in Dark Thirst, and follows primarily Rene Morin, a half human, half vampire ex-cop, and Tessa Davenant, a full vampire who also happens to be about four months pregnant. Also present are Brandon, Tessa’s twin, and Lina Jones, his human cop-on-the-run lover who is also Rene’s ex-partner.

As I mentioned in my review of Dark Thirst, in this world the vampires are not the heroic rescuers of the innocent of so many recent paranormal romances. While our intrepid foursome is the good guys, the rest of them are indeed eeeeeeeeeeebol—particularly Tessa and Brandon’s grandfather.

A caveat: while the series is marketed by the publisher as paranormal romance, I would personally consider it more an urban fantasy series with very strong romance elements.

Here’s the back cover blurb:

The Deepest Hunger.
Tessa Noble is a vampire who will do anything to reach the safety of her brother in New Orleans-even if it means traveling with her nemesis, Rene Morin. A ruthless, brooding, yet startlingly sexy vampire, Rene seems to take pleasure in finding fault with Tessa’s every move. As they travel, Rene feeds along the way, while Tessa struggles to resist the impulse to nourish herself.
Feeds The Darkest Needs.
Once in the storm-ravaged city of his birth, Rene’s defenses begin to unravel, and Tessa is drawn to his more vulnerable side. Starving and spent with need, Tessa finally allows herself to feed off of Rene’s own body, deepening the sensual attraction they share. Yet neither can afford to succumb to this desire. For Tessa and Rene are being followed-and a single misstep will put them at the mercy of forces more dark and powerful than even they can fight. If they are caught, the ecstasy of their newfound love will be matched only by the agony of its loss.


Leaving On A Jet Plane III…

Thursday, September 4, 2008
Posted in: Karen on hols

We’re off on our hols for two weeks.  We decided to bring Florida forward a few months, so unfortunately, no RT for me next year. Oh what a shame.

We’ll be journeying to Miami, Clearwater, and the Keys.

We’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning.

I don’t know if I’ll bother logging on, once we get there, as this is going to be a relaxing holiday. Nothing strenuous for two weeks, just lots of eating, sleeping, and reading by the pool. Oh and lots of book-buying excursions too.

Hopefully, the hurricane will bypass Florida this year.

I’ll catch you all when I get back!