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Leaving On A Jet Plane III…

Thursday, September 4, 2008
Posted in: Karen on hols

We’re off on our hols for two weeks.  We decided to bring Florida forward a few months, so unfortunately, no RT for me next year. Oh what a shame.

We’ll be journeying to Miami, Clearwater, and the Keys.

We’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning.

I don’t know if I’ll bother logging on, once we get there, as this is going to be a relaxing holiday. Nothing strenuous for two weeks, just lots of eating, sleeping, and reading by the pool. Oh and lots of book-buying excursions too.

Hopefully, the hurricane will bypass Florida this year.

I’ll catch you all when I get back!


  • Karen, welcome to Florida! And uh, it’s hurricane season, so you’re going to have some really wet days down at the Keys, what with three storms lining up and moving the usual direction.


  • Enjoy!!!! And be safe~


  • Have fun and hope the hurricanes past you by!


  • I can get behind this:

    Hopefully, the hurricane will bypass Florida this year.

    Stay safe, dry, and not terribly hot!

    I’ll hold the fort for ya…

    *evil background cackle*


  • Jenns
    September 5
    12:30 am

    Have a fun and safe trip, Karen!


  • Dawn
    September 5
    9:32 am

    Have a good time and seeya in a couple of weeks! And don’t worry about the hurricanes.


  • eggs
    September 5
    9:59 am

    Clearwater? The home of Scientology?! Have fun!


  • DoIHaveToSay?
    September 11
    2:49 am

    If I wanted to pass on a bit of something that I think might interest Karen, how would I do it? I couldn’t find a contact form on this site…


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