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The Ideal Wife, by Mary Balogh

With very few exceptions, I’ve enjoyed every Balogh novel I’ve read, to different degrees. The Ideal Wife, while not one of those exceptions, is not a book I’ll reread often (if at all). It is a fun quick read, but it’s definitely not without problems if one stops to think.

Here’s the (horribly melodramatic) back cover blurb:

When Abigail Gardiner knocks at the door of Miles Ripley, Earl of Severn, the last thing she expects is a marriage proposal. Desperate, she’d come to this charismatic stranger’s home to plead for her future. Instead, she shocks them both by saying yes. Her impulsive decision will have consequences neither she nor her new husband can foresee. For Miles has his own reasons for marrying her. And Abigail is harboring a secret of her own. As distrust gives way to desire… as, together, they give in to the pleasures of the marriage bed, a devastating scandal threatens their future. Now these two wary hearts will risk ruin and disgrace for a love that has changed both forever—the kind all seek, but few ever find.