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And trying to read three Lora Leigh books, one after the other, is one of them.

I read Wild Card, and loved it, so I then attempted read Nauti Nights, and Wicked Pleasure.

Not a good idea. Her stories work if you read them far enough apart, otherwise, they kind of blend together.

I’ll attempt to finish both books when I get home.


  • Emmy
    September 16
    9:13 am

    A while ago, I read a pile of Lora Leigh books. Specifically, Breed and Tempting SEALS series, the books I hadn’t yet read of them. In reading about 6 back to back, I noticed a few things that I hadn’t seen when I was reading them months apart as they were published.

    1)Everyone’s cooters smell/taste like sunshine. (what the heck does sunshine taste like anyways? I must have dated the wrong girls who were missing some letters, because every vajayjay I ever ate tasted more like sushi than sunshine)

    2)Everyone, regardless of series, got their neck bit til the blood ran. Ouch!

    3)Everyone got their ass spanked at some point in the story, usually shortly before they got their ass penetrated…no lube, just whatever wetness their bodies had been able to produce by the time of penetration and/or some weird squirty fluid in the case of the Breed books.

    I like Lora Leigh’s work. She’s a talented writer, but putting her books side by side illustrated that they were all much of the sameness. That was a bit disappointing, because I kept wanting to read something different.


  • Willow
    September 16
    2:57 pm

    That’s so true, I didn’t notice the similarities until I read ‘Megan’s Mark’ and ‘Harmony’s Way’ back to back.

    I dislike the fact that anal sex seems to be the ultimate punishment – the one way her hero can put the heroine ‘in her place’.

    I’ve read five of her breed books (EC and Berkley) so far and it happens in all of them. Harmony’s Way was the last one I read as it really annoyed me.

    I’ll guess give it another couple of months and I may return, as I do like her characterisation and cadence of all her books.


  • HEH! I have a whole thing I do with every Breed book to tell what part of the book you are in by the sex being described.

    love scene sequence… first: (I can’t help myself that smell!) sex, second: (Oh well, since we already did it anyway…) sex, third: hurt/comfort sex, forth: spanking submission with anal afterward sex, fifth: baby making sex.


  • Barbara B.
    September 16
    4:59 pm

    “Her stories work if you read them far enough apart, otherwise, they kind of blend together.”

    They wouldn’t work for me if I read them years apart. There are a lot of misogynistic romance writers but for me Lora Leigh takes it to another level.


  • Lori
    September 16
    5:31 pm

    Sorry but Emmy I ROFL’d!! What does sunshine taste like anyway? So true.

    I can’t read too much Lora Leigh. It makes me want to super glue my orifices closed. (But I’m getting tired of erotica/romantica anyway.)


  • Las
    September 16
    7:27 pm

    I’m reading Wild Card now. It’s my first Leigh book and from the comments here I don’t think I’ll bother trying any more. I’m more than halfway through and I’m more irritated than anything else. The premise is interesting and there have been some fantastic scenes, so I feel like this could be a great book but the author got lazy or something. The stuff in between the good parts reads like a Harlequin Presents, and there’s so much repition that she could have made it the length of a Harlequin without missing anything.


  • Now with Lora Leigh I give a whole bunch of leeway in regards to the rather mechanical aspects of interchangeable plot points.

    I would hate to run anyone off especially from exploring her Ellora’s Cave series because I fully admit I had a great time reading Elizabeth’s Wolf and it is one of the few Breed books I think is really really good.

    In fact if you have bought any of her Berkley books without first reading her Ellora’s Cave stuff you are so missing out.

    I find her Ellora’s Cave Breed books way way way better than the later Berkley Published stuff especially the first Feline ones. I am happy I did read her Men of August books before hitting any of the Nauti books because the Berkley books seem pale in comparison to the original ideas she developed.

    Just my opinion but it’s like Twinkies. You don’t eat Twinkies everyday but lets admit every once in a while a good Twinkie can be heaven.

    So be sure to at least check out the first books in any of her series to catch the her at her best and realize the later books are gonna be hit or miss because there is always a chance she will surprise you.


  • Mireya
    September 16
    8:46 pm

    I agree on the interchangeable plots and even characters, and Teddy I so agree with you. Her print Breeds books are not as good as the EC ones, at least not in my personal opinion. And “Elizabeth’s Wolf” is my favorite of all her books.

    None of her contemps published in print has caught my attention so I haven’t read any nor do I feel compelled to, in all honesty. I have only continued reading her Breeds … and I am not really sure how much longer will I keep reading them as I don’t like her newest ones as I liked her EC ones *sigh*


  • Teddy said, “Just my opinion but it’s like Twinkies. You don’t eat Twinkies everyday but lets admit every once in a while a good Twinkie can be heaven.”

    Twinkies always give me the runs…maybe I know why now? lol


  • nat
    September 16
    11:28 pm

    Oh Lora Leigh repition. Nonetheless, I started this series with the novella about Reno, so I feel compelled to finish it now, and I think Nathan’s capture was a big plot point around which the earlier books riveted. I did actually enjoy it, but I think Ian’s and Kell’s books (I don’t remember any titles, silly me), were heavier on plot. Personally, what kind of bugged me about this book from the getgo was that he was 26 and she was 18 when they first met and got it on. A young heroine isn’t unusual in LL’s books, but I much prefer it when she waits til she’s at least legal to drink a glass of wine before tossing her into bed with a man a decade older.

    On the other hand, I actually stayed up to finish Wild Card, and there were a few steamy moments to make up for the repetition in prose. Nauti Dreams, on the other hand? Ugh, the characterization was so boring and flat, I don’t think I even made it the triple pregnancy announcing epilogue (i’m guessing here, but I’m right, aren’t I?).


  • We are talking Lora Leigh as a guilty pleasure here for the most part. At least any series book following the first will either keep you interested or start wearing you down.

    But… like in Elizabeth’s Wolf when she hits her mark she is munchy crunchy mmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm.

    Notice how that book does not quite fit into the series that well. I wish she would do more of those.


  • I think this is a problem for most author’s, which is why I avoid reading back to back books by the same author. Two is my limit. By the 3rd one, the writing ticks/idiosyncrasies of the author start to really stand out and take away from the reading experience, particularly if it’s stuff that you’d never noticed before like repeated descriptions/phrases, etc.


  • Chantal
    September 25
    7:02 pm

    Elizabeth’s Wolf is the best in that series, IMO.
    I find that I like LL’s original E-book work, a lot more than any of her newer releases.

    Karen, I agree about reading too many at the same time. I almost didn’t read Wild Card because the Nauti book I read before it was just so bad.
    I loved WC!


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