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So Why Didn’t They Move?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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I just watched a news segment that featured a victim of Ike in a car, crying that she has no electricity, no water and that she was hungry.

So why didn’t she leave when the government told her to? Why did so many people stay?

They knew four days before that Ike was going to hit them, so why ignore the warnings and the advice?

One family didn’t move because they didn’t want to leave their pets behind. I bet if it had been a fire, they wouldn’t have needed to be asked.

Fancy putting your family at risk like that.

The Desert Lord’s Baby, by Olivia Gates

First book in the Throne of Judar trilogy, The Desert Lord’s Baby tells the story of Farooq Aal Masood, heir to the throne of this small but rich Middle East kingdom, and Carmen McArthur, who specialises in organizing international events, both diplomatic and for businesses.

This short novel (shy of 200 pages, in fact) is chock full of many of the category romance elements that, usually, put me off: secret baby; incredibly attractive, arrogant, rich and powerful guy from exotic background; comparatively powerless and average (in every way from looks to fortune) woman with more emotional baggage than freighter container; villainous relative; political intrigue; the fate of the world as we know it hanging in the balance; and, to top the cake, the inevitable big misunderstanding.

It would seem like a recipe for disaster, would it not? Particularly when you read the blurb: (more…)