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We** look at sexual content in books or movies or commercials on tv, and complain about the state of society, the lack of moral values, the decline of civilization as we know it.

We** blame the gays, the liberals, Hollywood, the government, the media, etc., for what many call the sexualization of children.

But violence in games, in movies—in the news?

That’s okay. It’s not like it’s “real”

Then we** wonder how this happens. Then, when this happens, we** wonder how both victims and perpetrators can laugh about it (yes, they are teens, but c’mon! laughter?)

(And after those two, one looks at this and wonders what the hell was this woman thinking.)

Agree or disagree: most people tend to become distracted by the “morality” of sex–which sells both products (i.e. entertainment, commercials) and news–and to pay less attention to underlying problems such as violence, including that which appears in movies, games, the news, etc.

** WE as in society in general, or at least the more vocal segments of it.