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I usually don’t do the whole “You’re just jealous bitch!” thing, and use it as an excuse for fuckheaded behaviour, but I have to say there can be no other explanation for Chancery Stone’s never-ending rants on her blog (sorry, not linking), about Nora Roberts.

Well, there is the attention-seeking-let’s-promote-my-books-at-all-cost thing, but judging from her past fucked up behaviour, that kinda goes without saying doesn’t it?

You do remember Ms Stone, don’t you? You know, the slightly strange man-hater, who thinks that incest is romantic, and that child abuse is sexy?

Yeah, that’s the one.

Anyway, poor Chancery Stone seems to be suffering from the worst case of professional jealousy I’ve ever witnessed.

It seems that she’s got a massive hard-on for our very own Nora Roberts. No, really.

Personally, I believe that her tactic is to stir up enough shit, (the jealousy is very real too though) so that La Nora fangirls will go over to her blog to give her what for, discover her literary masterpiece, that she’s desperately trying to flog to all and sundry, and buy said book to see what the fuss is about.

Unfortunately for her, she actually needs some kind of readership to get anything going.

Anyway, because I’m always there for the desperate and the needy, I decided to post a few examples of the stuff she’s written. Here’s a fairly tame excerpt to start you off with: (more…)