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Oooh I Like This…

Sunday, October 5, 2008
Posted in: American Politics

Taken from Lori over at Let’s Gab:

So, people, go and register to vote! It’s your country, and your future.

Oh, and don’t forget to post this on your blog too. If every blogger in Romanceland posts this on their blog, then the message should reach lots more people, many who may not have registered yet.


  • Posted at one board, will post at another… and will nag everyone around me even more than I already do 😀

    Thanks, Karen.


  • I posted it on my blog, but I don’t do the ‘forward to your friends’ crap. Not even for celebs. 😉


  • I posted it on the second board–that means more than five people will see it (I hope… 😀 )


  • Miss Kitty
    October 8
    7:29 pm

    That is just so, freaking cool!

    i mean, I don´t vote, at least not in their country…

    But hey, that´s just cool.

    Hrm…but hey, I can spread it 😉


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