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“Can I Call You Joe?”

Sunday, October 5, 2008
Posted in: American Politics, Sarah Palin

She didn’t seem to make any major gaffes, (although seemed a bit confused about the VP’s role) and she sounded lucid, but is it me, or did she evade every single question apart from the energy one? She just seemed to dig her heels in and stick to her rehearsed talking points, regardless of the questions asked.

I really wish the format had been more like that of the McCain/Obama debate.

Also, was that a pop at the mainstream media right at the end of her closing statement?

I hadn’t been too sure about Joe Biden, prior to seeing this debate, but I have to say, I was impressed with him.

What did you guys think?


  • You’re right, Karen. Most of the time she just spewed her pre-rehearsed speeches instead of answering Gwen’s questions. In fact, at one point she even SAID that she wasn’t going to answer the questions the way they wanted her to. WTF?

    Why even call it a debate if you’re not going to answer the questions? I wish Gwen had been more aggressive in pointing out that Palin was cheating, but given the smear job done on Gwen’s reputation by the McCain campaign in the days and hours leading up to the debate, I guess she felt she couldn’t risk looking like she was “in the tank” for Obama.

    Palin’s worst mistake, IMO, was in not acknowledging Joe’s mention of the loss of his wife and daughter. She could’ve gotten a lot of points for being humane and compassionate if she’d just paused and said something sympathetic. But no, she was on to her next talking point as though nothing had been said.


  • I am going to vote but I think this past week I realized why I disliked that fact I am voting.

    Ever since McCain and Obama spoke or debated at that Pastor’s Forum in Southern California I have been feeling that neither of these candidates actually represents me or my ideals. At least the silly ones I harbor about living in a democracy not a theocracy. I don’t want to see a Religious Right or a Religious Left OK.

    Then both McCain and Obama want colleges to allow the ROTC back on campus even though the main reason is the military’s continued discrimination against gay people.

    Then came the $700 billion dollar bailout bill. Which you would think I would be for all this since I work at a bank. Um no, my bank stayed totally away from subprime mortgages and predatory lending practices. We just offered 16 billion dollars to buy out another bank all in hard cash. So we are good, it’s the rest of these sleazy banks that congress is gonna give money to that have been playing games with the lending and allowing speculators to rip off America. Did anyone read Forbes where the Treasury admitted they got the figure of 700 billion dollars from? They wanted a BIG number. That is the amount of research that went into that figure by these clowns.

    Anyway, neither Obama or McCain was as clear in explaining their positions for the Bailout Bill as Dennis Kucinich was in explaining why he was against the Bailout Bill.

    That is when I realized that my vote will only be for the lesser of two evils not for someone I actually want in office or have even any faith in.


  • Here is the latest statement from Dennis Kucinich In God We Trust; Wall Street Gets Cash

    This guy is interesting.


  • ‘K, hate to hijack your comment thread, but the day after that debate I found a flowchart, illustrating Palin’s debating approach on one of those snarky political sites and posted it on my blog. It’s too funny and scarily dead on. (you can click onto the chart for a bigger image/easier reading.)


    Palin stonewalled her way through the whole debate, just regurgitating/repeating the same empty phrases and talking-head points; in startling contrast Biden talked specifics.

    She missed her calling, she should become an anchor on FOX News, she’s got the mannerisms and facial ticks down cold.


  • I saw that flow chart on Fark and sent it to all my friends. Yes, it is what I heard going on in that “debate” too.


  • Teddypig – I live in Ohio and Kucinich is regarded as a fruit loop because he believes in UFOs. Interesting yes, but he loses all credibility with some of his beliefs.

    As for the debate – Palin is a lapdop of the GOP and that’s that. She repeats the lies that are poured into her head and in her case that is probably a good thing! Why is that a good thing? Because when she speaks for herself she gives intelligent, well-read women a bad name.

    What gets me is the lies. Why would someone lie about things that are public knowledge? She presented something like 12 untruths all of which can be looked up online. To be fair, Biden also presented an untruth as well and he was called on it later.


  • Don’t like Palin. But I don’t like Biden, either. A few times while she was talking I saw him give her that look. You know the one. The smug, “My oh my, little lady, don’t you worry your pretty head over it” look.

    The problem with a democracy is you end up with people in charge who are the kind who think they should be in charge. And the kind of people who think they should be in charge are rarely the ones I would trust any farther than I could throw.

    But then I’m Canadian. Ralph Nader is practically more Right than the Rightest dude we got here.


  • Teddypig – I live in Ohio and Kucinich is regarded as a fruit loop because he believes in UFOs. Interesting yes, but he loses all credibility with some of his beliefs.

    Right! But… when the “fruit loop” starts making more sense than the serious candidates because he answers some hard questions with a sincere opinion that seems to have some thought behind it THEN I start getting rather scared.

    I guess there is a point where when tough issues are being discussed I expect any candidate looking for my vote to formulate a position. Not speak in generalizations or five second spot catch phrases but to actually explain the dirty details in a way that makes me feel he has formed an opinion after reviewing all the facts of the matter.

    I have not seen that happen with either candidate and this was the moment they should have stepped up. Both of them.


  • Randi
    October 5
    4:20 pm

    Well, Palin got blessed by her Pentocostal preacher to protect her from witchcraft…so, give me the UFO guy…


  • Anon76
    October 5
    4:39 pm

    I feel bad for Kucinich.

    He got a raw deal in Cleveland all the way around. The rest of the city government had it out for him from day one. He wasn’t a member of the “pack”.

    I still remember the beating he took in the media when he stopped a kid from vandalizing a city park right across from his house. It was all “how dare he” and “as mayor, doesn’t he have anything better to do than terrorize children?” Hey, destruction was occurring in his community…in his neighborhood…does it mattered it was committed by a young teen? Don’t we all want our neighbors to work as a collective unit to keep our areas safe?

    As for Palin? Hubby and I were chatting about it this morning and he said something spot on. “Obviously no one explained the difference to her between a debate and an interview.”

    ‘Nuff said.


  • MB (Leah)
    October 5
    5:26 pm

    Don’t like Palin. But I don’t like Biden, either. A few times while she was talking I saw him give her that look. You know the one. The smug, “My oh my, little lady, don’t you worry your pretty head over it” look.

    I agree with this. But is this because of how Palin comes across and represents herself? Or is it just because she’s a woman?

    I don’t get the feeling that he would have ever done something like that with Hillary, or Pelosi, or any other woman in the senate, congress, or who is in a position of power who has proven that they are smart and capable.

    But I don’t know that.


  • Teddy Pig said:

    That is when I realized that my vote will only be for the lesser of two evils not for someone I actually want in office or have even any faith in.

    It’s sad, but that’s exactly how I feel.

    Dark times, indeed.


  • Yeah Azteclady,

    They spent all this money and they are still spending billions a week in Iraq and plan to spend even more.

    Say goodbye to universal health care.
    Why, because THE WORST president in history just spent more than it would have ever cost us on all his best business buddies.

    Say goodbye to affordable education.
    Why, because THE WORST president in history just spent more than it would have ever cost us on all his best business buddies.

    Say goodbye to a balanced budget and a good economy even with Democrats in office.
    Why, because THE WORST president in our history just spent more than it would have ever cost us on all his best business buddies.

    Those are the hard facts and the American Public let it happen out of fear. Does anyone really think there is any more money in the piggy bank at this point?


  • Obama/Bidden all the way. McCain/Palin… ugh. Palin is fake just a lemming, and McCain is fossilized. Not a good bet to run the country


  • Anon76
    October 5
    7:57 pm

    What I find truly bizarre is that our leaders don’t bat an eyelash at providing help to other countries, but step all over themselves when it comes to basic support for individuals here.

    They just don’t get that the well is running dry when it comes to taxing the middle and lower income classes to death. And that WE need the help now.

    I truly fear that the neighborhood I and my neighbors worked hard to build up over the last twenty plus years will return to the shanty town it originally was. It’s by no means fancy now, but much better than before.

    Why don’t Americans count in America anymore? (And no, this oppinion of mine has nothing to do with immigration and what not.) Are they trying to drive an even larger portion of the population into desparity?



  • I also live in Ohio, and yeah, Kucinich is regarded as loopy. But I have no problem with UFOs, lol, and I like him. At least he speaks his mind. And he did a stand-up job with his speech at the Democratic convention.

    …but is it me, or did she evade every single question apart from the energy one? She just seemed to dig her heels in and stick to her rehearsed talking points, regardless of the questions asked.

    That’s because she didn’t HAVE any answers. So obviously her coaches instructed her to just keep falling back on the pat points they’d drilled into her moose-hunting little head. And to come right out and say she wouldn’t answer, and stand there and grin and wink like this was these were questions from one of her old beauty pageants wasn’t cute. It was smarmy and irritating. Misdirection, as has been the rule of thumb for that entire campaign.

    Also, was that a pop at the mainstream media right at the end of her closing statement?

    You betcha.
    Ironic, wasn’t it, considering the wall they erected around her to keep the media questions away, knowing she couldn’t answer them? And the few interviews she WAS ‘gracious’ enough to allow were all easy-going and gentle–and she STILL flubbed them.
    And she had the nerve to say she wouldn’t do any more interviews, that she basically just wanted to stick to speeches at rallies now?
    I wonder why?


  • Ann M.
    October 5
    8:58 pm

    I watched and was not impressed with Palin’s folksy speak. One pronounces “ing” and not as ‘in. I’m sorry I don’t think she fits the bill of “Main Street” plain folk. Look at her tax return please. I felt she did well with her “talking” points.

    Biden did well and I was impressed with how he handled her comments about the role of the VP. The VP is in the Executive Branch. Any 8th grader taking US History can tell her that and that their role is not the same as the Legislative Branch.


  • Sam
    October 5
    9:17 pm

    I had pretty much already decided against a ticket with her on it. She didn’t change my mind. I also remember the ‘I’m not going to answer that, let me reiterate ____’ (I forgot what she went back to).

    I didn’t like her thoughts on gay marriage either. I have a feeling she outright lied about her beliefs. She’s certainly watered them down some.



  • I just read this article by Maureen Dowd. Let’s just say that seeing some of Palin’s utterances in writing make them even more unbelievable.


  • Emmy
    October 5
    10:02 pm

    Listening to Palin talk incites me to violence, it really does.

    Copperwise over on LiveJournal wrote an absolutely brilliant piece on the particularly annoying “Joe Six-pack” label she throws out. Go read it.

    Sarah Palin et al like to call us “Joe Six-Pack,” and they think we like it too. They think it sounds folksy and homey and cute.

    Sure. It’s a folksy, homey, cute way to euphemistically call us something very close to trashy, ignorant hillbillies. We’re just not supposed to be smart enough to realize it.

    See, JSP isn’t referring to our rock hard abs. JSP literally means “the blue collar guy who picks up a six pack of cheap beer every night after work and goes home to watch Nascar (and probably beat his wife/kids and light a cross on the black neighbor’s lawn but we won’t say anything about that wink wink nudge nudge).” That is the message that they are trying to get across to America.

    We know you. You don’t have a thought in your head beyond making sure you have food on the table and beer in the fridge. You want us to take care of you and do all the thinking for you. You’re a demographic we’ve put together based on statistics of race, level of education, and family income. And we think that everyone who falls within those statistics is just exactly the same. And did we mention we don’t think you’re very bright?


  • Mireya
    October 5
    10:43 pm

    Every time I read how “likeable” she is I want to scream. I don’t find her likeable, she has the facial expression of exactly what she probably is: a self-centered, self-involved not too bright individual. She is not likeable and she is making all the intelligent women in this country look bad. And frankly, all those females that are going around saying that it is “good to have a female on a presidential ticket” is making any intelligent woman in this country look bad. Give me Geraldine Ferraro (and look her up if you don’t remember who she is) any day over this empty headed piece of work that people keep saying is “likeable” and that “people can relate to”.

    I don’t relate to this piece of work Bush in skirts that the GOP is trying to dump on this country so that we may get 4 more years of pure unalduterated SHIT. I am educated, have more than two braincells, and am in the mid-middle class range.

    Now ask me what I really think 😉


  • Anon76
    October 5
    10:51 pm

    I said it before on a loop a while back, and I’ll say it again.

    Even though I disagree with a lot of Hillary’s politics, the one thing I can say is that I never looked on her as a “woman” candidate. She is a wife and mother, yes, but she’d managed to cross that barrier to where, IMHO, race, religion, sex, and what not wasn’t a factor.

    I’d still never vote for her as of today, but if women are looking to break the “cutesy” barrier, she is far better qualified than Palin.

    OH, and, um, when Palin couldn’t name the Al Queda guy the whole war started over, I think that was deliberate. She was terrified out of her mind that she would say something stupid like, Obama Bin Liden.

    And no, that is not a swipe at that ticket. I just think she can’t speak well enough to stop such a gaff. Gads.


  • Emmy, thank you for that terrific link. Wow and double wow, that’s amazing.

    Thank you.


  • Too lazy to type something new so I’m going to paste what I wrote at my blog *blush*

    her “I’m so middle class, main street America and I get you” schtick…got old quick and did NOT endear me to her (not that anything could have). I do not want to go get a pedi with her, or go drink with her, or join her book club, I want her to show me what qualifies her to step into McCaine’s shoes if he falls over dead. In that sense, IMO, she failed miserably.

    Do I care that Palin’s a woman? Sure I do. And I hate her politics.

    Am I biased? Yes.

    Do I think Obama is the second coming of Jesus Christ? Honestly, no. But I do think he and Biden are the better choice–by and far!

    Do I want four more years of what we’ve had the last eight years? No, cuz frankly, I don’t think my arse could take much more.

    In the words of Chris Rock, I’m voting for the dude with one house.


  • Ebony
    October 6
    1:45 am

    I saw the debate Thursday night. Palin’s refusal to answer the moderator’s questions was an insult. She displayed one huge character flaw–it’s either her way or no way–she could care less what the other person thinks. The fact she felt like she needed to talk down in order to reach the average American was an insult. Why does she always feel the need to mention soccer and who in their right mind gives a shout out during a professional debate???


  • katieM
    October 6
    2:18 am

    I saw the debate and all the winking just made me angry. At the first wink I looked at my mother and said “What the hell? Did she just wink?” My mother, a product of the 60’s, was so embarrassed to see that. Waitresses in bars wink at customers because the customers like it and tip better. Those same women wouldn’t dream of winking when they take up other occupations because they know there’s a time and place for everything. The VP debate that played across the entire world was not the place for winks and shoulder work.

    Anyway, whoever heard of making up your own questions and answers for a debate? I could never have moderated that debate because I would have called her on it. I would have said “Excuse me, Governor Palin, but could you just answer the question? If its too difficult, then perhaps this is the wrong forum for you,” wink wink nudge nudge. I would have also asked her to stop sucking her teeth like she was 12 years old.

    No offense, Alaskans, but how in the world did she get elected? Was her opposition so corrupt and ignorant that she seemed like the better choice?


  • She apparently had a real hoppin’ week-end, too, spreading rumors about terrorists. Why does this feel even smearier than the Swift Boat?


  • Jen
    October 6
    4:55 pm

    A good friend pointed out to me – Joe Biden debated John McCain and his plans for the country. Sarah Palin debated…

    Tina Fey.

    What was really scary was listening to her idea about what the VP should do in a presidency. Power grab much?

    That’s why I really think they picked her because she’s young and healthy and therefore a perfect host for the grain of pure evil currently wearing out the body of Dick Cheney. Can you tell I write paranormals? 😛


  • Tara
    October 7
    2:41 am

    Okay – so exactly where are all those women who love Sarah Palin?! I wouldn’t vote for her if she had the last vagina on earth!


  • And then there’s Palin’s creepy, unwavering smile. Terrorists? Economic collapse? Deaths in the family? Genetic disorders? Washington corruption? Smile, smile, smile!

    She has failed to present herself as someone of dazzling intellect, and my impression is that she’s devoid of feeling, as well. I can’t agree with her on a single issue on which she’s committed to a stance, which is of course the most important consideration, but the fact that she repulses me on a visceral level also can’t be discounted.

    My concern going into the debate was that Biden would be “mean” to her, getting her more sympathy, which seems to be the primary source of what popularity she has (“Of course she’s flustered! She’s under a lot of pressure!” Oh, well, good thing she’s not applying for a high-stress job like being next in line to be ruler of the world, right?), but I thought he was quite gentlemanly. Either he realized the danger of coming off like the villain, or someone advised him of that possibility and he LISTENED to that advice. Either way, it impressed me as a perfect example of diplomacy in action that he was able to resist the temptation of the many opportunities to rake her over the coals.

    Although I personally would have enjoyed seeing someone actually challenge the nonsense that comes out of her mouth, press her for an original thought or a coherent sentence, SOMETHING.


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