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Today is the day where we spread awareness of the fact that the people we love–and who love us–are the same no matter what their sexual orientation.

Our brother, daughter, best friend from childhood, next door neighbor, coworker… our feelings for them, and how we feel about them, shouldn’t hinge on who they love.

Let us celebrate our diversity and rejoice in our individuality.

Go check out the Human Rights Campaign, get informed, spread the word.


  • Sparky
    October 11
    12:26 pm

    Amen. It is an element of societal shame that some gay people still feel the need to be closeted, that people feel the need to hide themselves and their love. We should be better than that


  • It is a shame some feel the need to keep their life a secret. A person’s sexual preference doesn’t matter.

    I am commenting on this because two of my brothers in law are gay. One is getting married to his partner next weekend, and the entire family is flying out for the ceremony. We all couldn’t be happier.


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