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Thank Oprah for that. An ad that says what they’re going to do, rather than concentrating on the opposition.

Stolen from Scott’s blog.


  • That man has a chance to make me a democrat after all.


  • If only all the ads were like this.


  • Angela James
    October 13
    3:16 pm

    He’s got a couple of ads like this. I like them. I read somewhere that he’d been seeing good results from them.


  • For a long time, the only Obama ads I saw were “get out and vote,” and the only mention of Obama in the ad was the “I endorsed this message” at the end. I have yet to see him launch a smear campaign, which is refreshing after the “My friends, Barack HUSSEIN Obama makes out with domestic terrorists and will sell your soul to Allah” McCain ads that run every commercial break without fail.

    I also saw a clip of Obama going door to door to speak to voters in Ohio over the weekend, and that impressed me as hella cool. Connecting with The People, not formulating the next attack on the opponent. What a novel concept…


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