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The names. Yeah, really. Because of some of the stupid effing names of the fictional places, and the fictional characters.

The blurb below is a great example methinks.

Fionn helped save Yadderwal proper, but can he save the world for one woman?

Book II Yadderwal Balance

Lord Fiontenhal Banaghal Gellert, the thirteenth Marquis De LaRounge, heir to Numarea is a gifted alchemist who has just helped save the planet. Tannah ust Nairn, who is held captive by the vile soul stealer Keegan, is his soul mate.

Keegan has promised Tannah her freedom if she does what she is told—give herself to him, become his. Linked through their dreams, Fionn goes in search of Tannah, promises to save her from a fate worse than death But will their love be enough? Can he find her in time and keep his Whispered Promise?

Ok, the above book is from Samhain.

First of all, the book is set in a place called Yadderwal. Now, would that be Yad-er-wal or Yadd-a-wall?

And the hero? Fiontenhal Banaghal Gellert. Now would that be pronounced Fin-te-nal or Fee-on-ten-hal? Ban-a-gawl or Ban-a-gal?

And the heroine? Tannah ust Nairn. Now would that be Tan-ar or… You get the picture right?

Now I’m pretty anal about trying to get the pronunciation of words and names right in my mind, so it drives me crazy, when I come across unnecessarily complicated names in romance books. I absolutely hate it. I think this is one of the reasons why I’m not too partial to historical books set in Ireland or Scotland.

If you not only have complex world building, but you also have ridiculous names that are difficult to pronounce, guess who wont be reading your book anytime soon?

Yeah, that’s right. Yours fucking truly.

Rant over.