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I finally have something to be excited about after lasy year’s dross-ridden X-Factor.

Laura White, Alexandra Burke, and Diana Vickers have got to be in that final. They are amazing. Simon Cowell thinks so too, and well, I tend to listen to what he has to say because he speaks as he finds. Let’s hope they all make it as big as Leona Lewis has.

Alexandra doing ‘Listen’ – I can’t believe Louis sent her home in 2005. What an idiot.

Alexandra on Big Band Night – Awesome performance that showed her versatility.

Laura White doing Alicia. Man I love her voice.

Diana Vickers’ version of Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’. I totally loved this interpretation.


  • I never watch the X-Factor but I cought a cip of Diana Vickers last night and man, her voice is amazing. She has to win.


  • I really don’t like Diana’s voice. That little squeak drives me nuts and the sweet little girl thing isn’t to my taste.
    For me, Alexandra, Ruth and Laura, all the way. Those ladies are amazing and they all deserve to win. But we know they won’t last the course, at least one of them will be voted out long before the end.
    Last year, the wrong person won because Lloyd Webber wanted the runner-up for his Broadway show!


  • Dawn
    October 27
    10:17 am

    I don’t watch the X-Factor, but I really like Alexandra. OK, so Louis did turn her down in ’05, but look at how much she’s matured.

    I really don’t like that Rachel woman – I just want to kick her!


  • Dalia
    October 28
    5:39 pm

    I think Diana’s voice might start to get on my nerves. Laura’s voice is very cool and I loved her stage presence.

    Alexandra’s voice is very….samey-samey to many other big-voiced singers out there. She doesn’t stand out for me despite the power in her voice.


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