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I wandered over to Lisa Valdez’s website earlier today, to see if there was any news on the release of Patience.

The last update on the website was May this year. Amazon says it’s due out January 2009.

Will this book ever get published?

I’d love to know what the problem is.


  • A severe case of writer’s block? I got the feeling Ms. Valdez was a an online neophyte when her first book (written, not just published) kicked up that huge-ass shit storm, even the most veteran web-bunny among us would have been a bit more worse for wear after that. It’s too bad she didn’t have book two done or almost done at that point. :/

    Of course, given the current market, we can’t rule out the possibility that the publisher is dragging their feet on this for one reason or the other.

    I know many think she should keep her readers updated on what’s going on, but given some of the reactions she’s recieved online to date, you can’t blame her for not discussing any of it. ::shrug:: (and, yes, I do understand reader irritation — not anger — at feeling like they’re being jerked around by being given one new ‘definitive’ release date after the next)

    I’m not holding my breath for this book, but if, and when, it gets published I’ll definitely be buying it day one. That reminds me, I’ve been meaning to give the first book a re-read….


  • IIRC she blew her last deadline, which was a while back when I checked but would make a 1/9 not possible. But things could have changed since then…


  • Las
    October 27
    2:49 pm

    I’ve been waiting for this book since Passion.

    Never thought I’d say this, but I have to spend more time online. I had no idea Ms. Valdez had any problems there. Details, please.


  • I thought it was related to the reader reactions to Passions? So she tried to address some of those concerns with this one, but too many fingers were in the pie and she lost sight of her original story. So she had to step back, go off-line, throw everything out, and start over again to write the story the way she originally intended.

    Well, I think that’s what it was anyway. I could have sworn I read it on here or DA or SMTB because I don’t read any other book blogs.

    Off-topic, what do you think of Promises Reveal? Was that dedication to you? I read it last week and was very disappointed. The characters lacked chemistry and didn’t seem as well-developed. Both were bland. After the build up of the reverend in the previous books, his book was such a let-down. I soldiered on through to see my favorite characters from the rest of the series again, but doubt I’d read the book again. And I’ve read and re-read Promises Linger, Keep, and Prevail so many times. Reveal just lacked the emotional intensity I had come to expect from her books.

    Running Wild was so ho hum that I skimmed it and haven’t even bought Sam’s Creed yet just because there’s nothing compelling me to buy it right away.

    On the flip side, I loved Lora Leigh’s Wild Card. I haven’t liked any of her other books in that series. Now, that’s a couple with emotional intensity and chemistry.

    Sigh. Too much output affecting quality? Different editors, different opinions? All I know is, I liked Sarah’s and Lora’s EC books more and have only liked one or two of their NY print books.


  • Lleeo
    October 28
    12:11 am

    Hmm… this book sounds very interesting. And I always hate waiting for a new book that seems to take forever to come out.

    Does anyone know when J. R. Ward’s newest book is coming out?


  • I loved Passion. Hope Patience comes out soon.


  • Miki
    October 28
    6:19 am

    I liked “Passion”, but hated the premise outlined for “Patience” at the end of “Passion”, so I’ve had no interest in seeing that book released.


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