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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Posted in: Karen Rant

Somebody mistakenly sent a text message to my Blackberry the other day. Here’s the text, word for word:

“Mornin Morning! Just wundad if u were stil on 4 2day? Es notbin sik sins Sat morn. Napysstil bit ify y’day. Wil undastand if u’d ratha avoid but if uthink ok wud lov 2 c u. Cudalways do park if u think leslikely to pik anythin up infresh air. Nice 1 in Twynin or Pitvil? E usually sleeps 4 hr or 2 around midday. Le meno wot u think so we can fitaround u too. Lov 2 al. Nicx On Gs as out creditx

Apparently this is English.

This kind of ridiculous text-speak has to be the worst thing to come out of the evolution of the mobile phone. It drives me absolutely potty.

Is it any wonder that half the time, a lot of people on the internet can’t seem to string a sentence together?

I like reading Yahoo sports news headlines, because they allow readers to comment on the articles. The other day I was reading comments in response to the news about Liverpool Football Club ending Chelsea’s four-year unbeaten run at home, and I couldn’t help but be appalled at the number of commenters who couldn’t spell or string a coherent sentence together. I’m not talking about typos here, either, I’m talking about plain old ignorance of the basic constructs of the written word.

Anyway, I’m off to delete the stupid text. Sheesh.