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(Still waiting).

If you think one vote will make no difference, listen carefully. And if you think that you can bitch even when you don’t vote… well, listen carefully.

(Disregard the crazy man–I promise you, it’s worth it, all the way through)



(Shamelessly swiped from Jaci Burton)

{KS: Doesn’t Will Smith look hot?}



  • This is one of the best promos for voting I have seen. And I still find the crazy man hot… and Will Smith and Leo!!
    Leo DiCaprio is the reason this promo was done. He produced it. 😀


  • Will Smith always looks hot. And Harrison Ford – he gets better with age. 🙂


  • I watched this yesterday and then dreamt about Tom Cruise last night. I blame Jaci.

    This is such a great promo, but I think it’s a sign of the depth of my obsession with this election that the intensity of what they were saying made me a little teary. Never have I known such a large portion of the population to care so much about any election, talk so passionately about it and be so invested in it. It’s pretty awesome.


  • Oh, loved it.

    *G* I already voted. I love early voting.

    Man, Tom Cruise didn’t even put my teeth on edge…that hasn’t happened in a long, long, loooooonnngggg time.


  • It is the best I have seen and I have to agree with Angie’s reason it is teh awesome.

    I hadn’t seen the first one when it came out but it is great too.


  • It’s not my fault you dreamt about Tom Cruise, Angie 😉

    Will Smith is always hot.

    I think Harrison Ford is ageing incredibly well and he’s oh so sexy.

    Leo didn’t look too bad either. 😉

    And I just loved this video. Just absolutely loved it. Glad you grabbed it Azteclady. It needs to be spread around!


  • Will Smith looks hot, and man, Harrison Ford?

    (Have I mentioned how I crush on intelligent and passionate people?)


  • Webb
    November 4
    4:57 pm

    When do you think people will stop spreading the lie that 537 people decided the 2000 election?


  • OK, how many people actually decided the 2000 election Webb?


  • Webb
    November 4
    8:36 pm

    It’s a lot more, g-ette. Any of the other states coulda swung if it were replayed a million times over and over again. It’s kinda like those people who think that they’re favorite football team would have won if they hadn’t thrown that interception at the end. Sure, maybe that one play was significant, but really, there were 60 minutes total they could have scored before. Don’t make Florida out to be the ones who got us into Bush. We all worked together to eff up America 🙂


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