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We have talked before about writers feeling forced by readers’ reactions to keep their opinions on politics, religion and other sensitive topics to themselves.

As figures in the public eye to a degree, but not involved in political or public service positions, it only makes sense to be careful not to offend large segments of one’s potential readership, right?

However, we have also seen how many an author manages to express herself very definitely and clearly on a number of sensitive topics without coming across as offensive, overbearing, insulting, or batshit crazy. (Here I tend to point to Nora Roberts, Shiloh Walker and a few others–consider yourselves mentioned)

This time I’m reposting (with permission) a message from one of my top favorite must buy authors, Suzanne Brockmann. Originally posted on her scrolling board, here it is in its entirety:

I’m “Suz the Writer,” and I support Barack Obama (more…)

Karma is truly a bitch aint it? *g*

I’d been at a footie (soccer to you Americans) match today, and I was hoping that the race would have been over by the end of the game, (I get terribly anxious watching any sport where I’m emotionally invested in one of the players/teams) but it was still on, and I endured the most nerve-racking, dramatic finish to a race that F1 has ever seen.

Well done for winning the championship Lewis!

I think my thoughts about the FIA and Ferrari can be summed up in this comment by somebody called Milligan at the Yahoo UK site:

Even with all of FIA help Mclaren And Lewis World Champions 2008,

Got a Ferrari?
Not quite good enough at driving?
Are other boys faster than you in the wet?
Then you need:
Ferrari International Assistance (FIA )
This exclusive Ferrari only membership club has many benefits. Including:
– Anti overtaking assurance

Been overtaken? Feel a bit silly? Don’t worry, we’ll rule out the other party, even if it’s embarrassingly obvious that they’re faster than you
– Exclusive access to a secret *second lane* in the pits
Just to make things a little bit easier we’ve arranged a private second lane , just for you
– Guaranteed world championship?

Had a crash? Need to win the world championship? Don’t worry just limp across the track and take off your nearest championship title contender & we’ll do the rest
-A bit strapped? Need extra cash?
Simply get one of your team to tell someone else how you make your cars.
– Bits falling off your car? Looking a bit dangerous?
At Ferrari International Assistance we operate a *blind eye* policy just for Ferrari drivers

– Been a bit silly? Taken off another driver whilst following the safety car?
It’s ok, as long as you didn’t hurt yourself. I mean, who are Force India anyway? And how dare they be in from of you
-A bit bored? Want some extra action?
With FIA plus you can take part in a number of additional membership activities
– Not sure when you might need us next?
Relax. Check out our track record. We’re confident that we’ll be able to make something up on the spot that will get you out of any pickle that you might find yourself in

Ferrari International Assistance – Making it up as we go along for over 100 years

Nicely said Milligan, whoever you are.


Bourne Or Bond?

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Posted in: Karen does films

I was listening to Adrian Durham and Ian Wright on the radio a few days ago, and they were having an argument about which super agent franchise films were the best: Jason Bourne of The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Conspiracy, or James Bond.

It’s a tough one for me, because I love Jason Bourne to bits, but I always make an effort to go and watch Bond at the cinema.

So the question is, if you could only watch one of them, which would you go and see?

I guess mine really has to be Bond.

And whilst we’re at it, who is your favourite Bond actor?

Mine is Roger Moore. He was for me, the quintessential 007.

Having said that, Daniel Craig is one bit of eye candy that I’ll be looking forward to drooling over this week, when Quantum of Solace releases.