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Bourne Or Bond?

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Posted in: Karen does films

I was listening to Adrian Durham and Ian Wright on the radio a few days ago, and they were having an argument about which super agent franchise films were the best: Jason Bourne of The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Conspiracy, or James Bond.

It’s a tough one for me, because I love Jason Bourne to bits, but I always make an effort to go and watch Bond at the cinema.

So the question is, if you could only watch one of them, which would you go and see?

I guess mine really has to be Bond.

And whilst we’re at it, who is your favourite Bond actor?

Mine is Roger Moore. He was for me, the quintessential 007.

Having said that, Daniel Craig is one bit of eye candy that I’ll be looking forward to drooling over this week, when Quantum of Solace releases.


  • I find Bond more entertaining. I have to think more to keep up with Bourne. My favourite Bond is Pierce Brosnan–I’ve had a crush on him since I was 6, and even then I thought he should’ve been James Bond. That said, I love Matt Damon, too.


  • Tough question. I really like Bourne, but only the first movie really blew me away, the second was good, but not as. And the third didn’t have a story as far as I’m concerned. Also, I think that 1st Bourne really set the bar in terms of new age action/thriller. Casino Royale was definitely influenced by the chase/action scenes in the first Bourne.

    But… Bond is always fun to watch. Such over the top villians, the excesses of wealth, and great one-liners. So I guess I’d have to go with Bond.

    I love Roger also. Deadly, daring, but oh so debonaire. And what a scoundrel. He was the sluttiest of all of the Bonds *g*, but to this day when he says ‘Dahlin’ I just melt. He was the one Bond I truly had a crush on.

    Sean was always so easy on the eyes. The embodiment of Tall Dark and Handsome. Loved Pierce when he first hit the scene–there’s was always something crafty in his eyes.

    But, I’m totally on board with Craig. I think he does a bang up job. He brings a thugish quality to Bond which is cool. And the blue, blue, blue eyes don’t hurt either.


  • SusanL
    November 2
    3:05 pm

    Sean Connery was my first Bond, and is still my sentimental favorite. I REALLY liked Daniel Craig, though. I did like Roger Moore’s early Bond films and enjoyed Timothy Dalton’s first one. George Lazenby wasn’t awful, but he just wasn’t Bond.

    If Bond and Bourne were opening at the same time? I would probably be more excited about Bourne, but would probably see Bond first.


  • I’d take Bourne. There’s just something about Mr. Damon. Mmmmm. 🙂


  • Bond. Every time. Craig is my favourite Bond now. I went to see “Quantum of Solace” on Friday (it released a week earlier than the US release date) and it was fantastic. It’s more brutal, but it shows Bond’s state of mind – he doesn’t want to dig deep into his psyche, he’s afraid to, so he goes and kills people instead.


  • Randi
    November 2
    4:54 pm

    I just saw Casnio Royale with Craig last night for the first time. I was impressed. While Craig isn’t handsome, indeed he is very plain, which a secret agent ought to be, he has some massive charisma, which makes him my favorite Bond. I also enjoy the character development the new director is employing in the new Bond films. It makes him..more understandable? Instead of just a slutty man whore who can do anything and knows everything. He’s not superhuman.

    With that said..I do like the Bourne films, though I don’t think Damon is attractive. But like Craig, he also has charisma, which makes him likable.

    It would be toss-up between the two for a new release viewing. If they came out the same weekend-I might have to do a double feature.


  • The early Bonds (movies and men) don’t work for me at all — they seemed to be very cliched. Damon’s Bourne seemed more human. So on the whole I prefer Bourne.
    That said, I enjoyed Casino Royale and am looking forward to Quantum of Solace.


  • joanne
    November 2
    8:34 pm

    Love Bourne and Bond, but I’d have to choose Bond as being more fun and entertaining. Bond’s over-the-top as opposed to Bourne’s being a bit more realistic. Loved Sean Connery, but I think Craig is now my favorite. I like his brutal, more realistic character. He looks like someone who kills people for a living. Plus his body is totally droolworthy.

    Roger Moore was my least favorite. To me, he was a bit too old for the part and, while he’s very handsome, not very sexy. I also like the darker Bond movies. Moore’s Bond movies were more comedic.


  • Lleeo
    November 2
    9:54 pm

    Neither. They’re both boring.

    Although to be fair, I have enjoyed some Bond and all three of the Bourne movies. It’s just… meh, I could take them or leave them.


  • No hesitation here. Bourne all the way. I’m not a Bond fan. Damon as Bourne has the perfect blend of smart, sexy, tortured, and kick ass.

    If I had to choose a Bond…the only movie I ever sat through was the most recent, so Daniel Craig.


  • Ebony
    November 3
    4:45 am

    I like Bourne.

    Favorite Bond was Sean Connery with Pierce Brosnan a close second.


  • Tough question. Though I’ve been a Bond girl (heh) all my life. I grew up with the Bond movies, ever since Sean Connery. And like you, Roger Moore was my favorite.

    I love the Bourne movies, think Matt Damon is awesome in them.

    But I’m going to have to go with Bond. James Bond.


  • Pure Wabash
    November 3
    2:54 pm

    Bond. Hands down.

    Grew up with Bond, and he keeps getting hotter as they years progress (younger too.. Hello Hotties) and hes got much better lines.

    Though it could just be that I dislike Matt Damon greatly, therefor I don’t dig the character that has made him a big old star.


  • My favorite Bond? Pierce Brosnan, but then it’s because of him not the rôle. And Sean Connery for the voice.

    But I’m not a fan of the Bond franchise or the books, really; I’m much more into Matt Damon as Bourne.

    So… Bourne here *hidding from the rotten tomatoes*


  • Sotheara
    November 3
    11:22 pm

    JAMES BOND!!! My favorite will always be Sean Connery. Daniel Craig is second followed closely by Pierce Brosnan.


  • I’m spoiled because I read the Bourne books way back in the way back and enjoyed those (as in Bourne got his happy ending with his woman) so while I enjoyed the first movie I hated that the girl bit it in the second. Have yet to see a Craig Bond, I don’t know why.

    ETA: They should have just said the Bourne movies were “inspired by” the original book and not actually drawn from them.


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