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What The Hell Do I Know?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Posted in: American Politics, Barack Obama

This is an excerpt from a post that I wrote on October 17th 2007:

…Obama was described as a man before his time, and others lamented that America had not yet reached the stage, where a black man could run for presidency, and have a realistic shot at winning it. A sentiment shared by a cyber pal who I spoke to recently.

I liked Obama, I really did. I mean what’s not to like? He’s handsome, (don’t tell me that doesn’t make a difference to somebody somewhere) he’s well turned out, and he knows how to give a rousing speech. He struck me as somebody I could sit down with, and have a really good chin-wag.

The problem for Obama as far as I can tell though, seems to be that the black folks think he’s not black enough, and the white folks think he’s too black. Poor sod, he’s got no effing chance. Maybe in a hundred years time he may have had a shot.

I honestly can’t believe that this has happened in my life time.

How about that speech huh? I cried buckets. Not least because it meant that moose-hunting wouldn’t take off in the rest of America.