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For those of you who are fed up with posts about Barack Obama, and politics, you may want to look away, because here I go again.

A ping-back on my previous Obama post, led me to KS Augustin’s response, to this comment made by Dorothy Mantooth:

“Yes, funny how Americans turned out to not be the stupid racists so many people insist we are, isn’t it?”

I read Augustin’s whole blog post, and decided that there were quite a few things I disagreed with (shocker, I know)

Anyway, Ms Augustin prefaces her post thusly:

I wasn’t keen on the election of Barack Obama for several reasons, and Mantooth’s comment is one of them. First off, let me say that there is bigotry in every country in the world. Every. Damned. Country. If I search within myself, I will admit that I hold prejudices and negative opinions about segments of various world “others” myself, no matter how rational and even-handed I try to be. I console myself with the fact that I, or my family, have been hard done by at the hands of these “other” groups, but that still doesn’t excuse me extending my default distrust to every member of that particular group when we first meet.

I agree with her about the prejudice thing. Everybody is prejudiced in some way or another, including myself unfortunately, but then nobody’s perfect.

Anyway, Ms Augustin’s comments get a bit more interesting: (more…)