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How can Fox News get away with having journalists like Sean Hannity represent them?

In the above clip, Hannity, defends that crazy bitch Ann Coulter, re her stance on the 9/11 widows.

This next clip however demonstrates his hypocrisy, when author, Christopher Hitchens criticizes the late Reverend Jerry Falwell, (a man that Hannity apparently knew and liked), regardless of the reverend’s offensive and hate-ridden rhetoric.

Sean Hannity: “I am asking for human decency, and and if you don’t think it has an impact on his family to use even the phrases tonight that he’s vulgar, fraud and a crook. I think you are incredibly mean, incredibly thoughtless..”

So basically, Sean Hannity calls for human decency from Christopher Hitchens re Reverend Caldwell, yet lets Ann Coulter get away with her comments about the 9/11 widows. This from somebody who called out Barack Obama on his relationship with Jeremiah Wright?

I rather like seeing Sean Hannity put in his place, and made to look like the petulant, hypocritical fool that he is.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this guy, who came to the same conclusion that I did about Sean Hannity’s hypocrisy.

What an arsehole. Another perfect example of the kind of extremists that organised religion has managed to spawn. Urrgggh.

On a lighter note, I bet he is beyond pissed that Obama will be his next president.


  • loonigrrl
    November 23
    9:42 am

    Watch out Keith Olbermann! Christopher Hitchens may be my new hero.

    I can’t watch Fox News. That clip was probably only the second or third time doing so. Hannity is an asshole.


  • Amy
    November 23
    9:53 am

    Wow you really hate organized religion, don’t you?

    Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this blog post….it sheds some sad light on how media as entertainment affects our politics. I don’t think you’ll agree with the political standpoint of the author, but i hope you’ll read it anyway.



  • Chris Hitchens is fantastic – I don’t always agree with him, but his no-bullshit attitude is always engaging and he’s a fantastic writer. Used to LOVE when he’d appear on the Dennis Miller show with a ciggie in one hand and glass of whisky in the other (I don’t smoke myself, but it was just sooooo Hitchens). Keep meaning to get hold of a copy of his book.


  • joanne
    November 23
    6:30 pm

    Hannity and Coulter are two peas in a hate-filled pod. Their fans eat it up, though. I don’t know what Colmes is doing on that show. I guess he’s supposed to give the show some false air of “balance” since he’s the token lefty, but all he does is a whole lot of keeping his mouth shut usually.

    That being said, I’m not much of a fan of Hitchens, either. He can often be just as hateful and shrill as right-wing hatemongers. Sometimes you can practically see his mouth foaming when he gets started on one of his tirades. I don’t like that stuff from either side.


  • MD
    November 23
    7:32 pm

    Colmes doesn’t have the spine to go up against Hannity, and Hannity doesn’t have either the balls or integrity to go up against anyone who can spar his ignorant ass into oblivion.
    FOX news on the whole couldn’t be much more pathetic.


  • I agree with Joanne who said, “Hannity and Coulter are two peas in a hate-filled pod.” Both are examples of preachers sermonizing without pulpits.

    I also feel that Jeremiah Wright referring to Italians as garlic-noses or saying Jesus’s execution was “a public lynching, Italian-style” are no less hate-mongering than Jerry Falwell alleging that Tinky Winky was an icon of gay propaganda. And Wright’s saying “God damn Jews” sounds no better than Jesse Jackson referring to Jews as hymies. For a preacher who claims Jesus was black one would think Wright would remember Jesus -the historical Jesus as well as the one of New Testament legend- was indeed a Jew.


  • Sean Hannity is probably the worst of the bunch. I’d even say he’s worse than O’Reilly. And Coulter…well, evil has many faces.


  • It really pains me that organized religion is equated with peabrained idiots who somehow get air time and total arses like Hannity.

    Fox gets its ratings the same way Entertainment Tonight does. People with too much time on their hands and the seeming inability to judge their media sources.

    More disturbing to me was a piece I saw on the news last night about the KKK and their use of Obama’s election as a recruiting tool. And it’s working. Screw it, my days as a conservative really are numbered. I don’t think I can hang on much longer.


  • Karen: If you haven’t seen this, it might interest you




  • What do you expect from Fox “News”? It’s the mouthpiece of the conservative branch of the Republican party! None of the offal sausage churned out by that particular grinder surprises me anymore. I firmly believe ALL thinking people who don’t share the Fox mindset should refuse to appear on any of their broadcasts. Just boycott the “fair and balanced” claim right out of ’em!


  • I loved Hitchens’ book God is Not Great. Will have to watch that video later.


  • Very few Americans take Faux News seriously. Their audience is about 1/3 of MSNBC (go KEITH) and fading fast. I can’t say I’ve ever seen Hannity in action but working for Faux means he’s a hater.

    The only reason Hannity, Coulter or BillO have any following at all is because they are extremists. I think people watch for the gory rush of seeing what they might say next.


  • For anyone who has ever wondered about karma…


    My first reaction…who finally had enough and decked her?


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