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This unfortunate couple were caught having sex on Jumeirah Beach, in Dubai, by a police officer. The couple who’d only met earlier that night (talk about a one night stand to remember) were found guilty of having unmarried sex, and breaching public decency laws.

Not only was the woman fired from her publishing job, but the pair were also ordered to serve three months in jail.


Never fear however, because the sentence has just been suspended on appeal, and the pair have now been deported back to England.

The moral of this story? If you are going to have sexual relations on a beach, try to avoid doing it in a middle east country, ok?



  • Suffice to say, I won’t be visiting Dubai any time soon. A real shame the Dubai lawmakers aren’t this obsessed with bearing down on internet scams originating in their country.


  • Randi
    November 26
    3:19 pm

    I thought Dubai was a pretty secular place…? It’s very international and multicultural from what I understand. But yes, words to live by, “If you are going to have sexual relations on a beach, try to avoid doing it in a middle east country, ok?”


  • Grace
    November 26
    3:47 pm

    I’m curious. The article states that she was fired from her job after the arrest. Was he? If not, I wonder if it was because his place of employment is more lenient about that kind of thing or was it simply because he’s a guy and reprimand is more a slap on the back, a few laughs and commentary along the lines of “Dude, way to go!”


  • Anne Brighton
    November 26
    5:21 pm

    There seems to be a lot of indiscriminate, mindless sex going on of late. Just last evening on the news, it was reported that a couple were arrested in a public restroom for having sex while a crowd cheered them on. They were charged with public indecency. The man was handed over to his girlfriend and the woman to her husband.



  • Indiscriminate, mindless sex I can handle seeing. Its the indiscriminate, mindless acts of violence in the world that needs to be arrested, lol!


  • Sparky
    November 26
    11:18 pm

    This is what gets me

    Sure the law is draconian and there’s no way in hell i’d go near Dubai or any country that grotesquely repressed and oppressive…

    But I do think they should be slapped upside the head with a wet fish for sheer stupidity (of I want blatant stupidity to be a crime punishable by slapping)


  • Las
    November 26
    11:43 pm

    What Sparky said. So stupid.


  • Ditto on Sparky here, too.


  • “I thought Dubai was a pretty secular place…? It’s very international and multicultural from what I understand.”

    Yeah. Not so much. The place is a nightmare. I was there only briefly and hated every blazing hot minute of it. First and foremost, you’ll be lucky not be mowed down by one of a thousand crazy drivers clogging the roads. Secondly, don’t even try to surf the net. You can’t. Everything of any interest is blocked.

    If you want to rent a house or get basic utilities or cable or internet, you have to have signed documents from your employer. When my friend, T, told me this I was stunned. So if you have a boss who likes to procrastinate, well, good luck getting electricity. Same thing for obtaining a liquor license. Your boss has to provide you with the documents. And you need a liquor license to purchase a beer to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

    The extravagance is sickening. Behind that glitzy flash exterior it’s a cesspool of sex trafficking (lots of Russians, Ukranians, and other Eastern Europeans.) Workers basically live like indentured servants or slaves. Employers hire poor folks from shitty areas to work on multi-year contracts. The second they land in Dubai, their employers confiscate their passports. They rarely pay them and house them in horrific tenements. The suicide rate among workers is astronomical. Seriously, when I was there, it was so bad that these workers would jump out in front of cars for diya. And the government corruption is outrageous too.

    Every time I hear someone excitedly chatter about their upcoming honeymoon trip to “exotic Dubai” I just want to slam my forehead against my desk. That extravagance comes at such a terrible price.


  • West
    November 28
    7:00 am

    Wow. Remember the days when the only people who told you you couldn’t have sex were your parents?

    But yeah, I’m with Lolita. I hear people raving about Dubai, and my head meets desk.


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