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Unless of course you’re Elloras Cave.

I read over at Mrs Giggles’, that they’d had a make-over, so of course I went to have a nosy.

Well, I surfed in about six minutes ago, and I’m still waiting for the page to fully load.

Also, for some reason, the page URL is defaulting to Jasmine Jade Enterprises. According to Mrs Giggles, they may be trying to house EC, Lotus Circle, and Cerridwen Press all under one roof. I guess probably because Lotus and Cerridwen weren’t doing so great.

I like the new colours, but I’m hating the fact that there’s so much information on the home page. (Just re-checked the page, there’s just one item apparently left to load.) I’ve given myself a headache just trying to figure out what’s what.

I see that they have new and funky names for the different lines and sub-genres. Apparently ‘Aeon’ books are futuristic sci-fi. ‘Spectrum’ are gay and lesbian fiction, and ‘Moderne’ are contemps.

Surely keeping things simple would have been the best route to take? Changing the names to make them sound more interesting might seem like a good idea, but I’m guessing that most people would prefer a spade to be called a spade. I know I would.

Anyhoo, having just checked back, I’ve now got that yellow error thingy on the bottom left hand side of the page, so I guess it’s given up the ghost.

Balls to it, I have better things to do with my time. I’ll check back next week, by which time, EC should have ironed out the loading problems.

I bet their books are selling like hotcakes today. Not.


It just seemed to go on, and on, and on, and on, and on. The first 100 e-book pages were ok, (I think) but after that, welcome to fucking Snoozefest.


Here’s the blurb, and no, this isn’t a review.

As her 25th birthday approaches, mild-mannered Philomena Swann lives in terror of her annual birthday wish. Sure, she has a disinterested fiancé and a misogynistic boss, but from experience she knows wishing both away could result in disaster. Why? Because she and her sisters are one-eighth fairy. Not enough to give them magical powers, but enough to qualify for a fairy godmother—from hell.

All Phil wants is, just once, to have the courage to speak her mind. She blurts out her wish…and suddenly finds she can’t stop. To her friends. Her boss. Her Nana. And her best friend, hot and hunky co-worker, Josh. Before she can do any more damage, she begs for the spell to be reversed. And it is—with a vengeance. Now everyone else is compelled to tell her the truth. Including Josh.

But the fairy godmother’s not done. One more wish could change Phil’s world forever—if it doesn’t ruin her life first.

What? I was trying to expand my reading horizons, dammit. Plus it was a friends-to-lovers story, and I usually love those.

The heroine was insipid to the point of insanity. She totally brought out my murderous tendencies. That bitch needed to be slapped so badly, that my palms itched throughout the book. Oh yeah, also, the hero was wetter than a dish rag, and the plot was so stupid, I wanted to gouge my own eyes out.

Apparently, this is a series. Jeez.

Let’s hope the author stays away from slapstick comedy for the rest of the series, because books that try so effing hard to be amusing, rarely are.

Just sayin.

You can buy from Samhain Publishing, here. If you must.