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Proposition 8: The Musical!

Sunday, December 7, 2008
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

I usually don’t care for Jack Black, but this is just great. Of course, Neill Patrick Harris is there too 😀

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

(Thanks to CrankyOtter for the tip)


  • I saw this a few days back on Colleen Lindsay’s blog, and it’s just as funny the second time around. That “Jesus Christ!” exclamation gets me every time. The first time, I nearly choked to death on Diet Dr. Pepper. This time, I wised up and put down my can of fizzy goodness.

    On a serious note, though, it’s nice to see creative types rallying around one another in hopes of educating others. I’m one of those types who doesn’t understand why the GLBT community even has to fight for the right to marry. I mean, hello, they’re American citizens guaranteed equal rights. Why is this even an issue? Give them the same access that DH and I had when we wanted to get married and the same rights after the ceremony. Common sense and fairness and human decency and all that…

    It’s just galling that they’re expected to pay taxes when they’re treated as second class citizens. Huge load of bullshit if you ask me.


  • Utterly, completely and totally brilliant.


  • Just got round to watching the vid. Loved it!


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