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Miserable looking bugger wasn’t he?

Let’s start with his most famous quote:

In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.

Andy Warhol

I’m still waiting for my 15 minutes, but I guess I’ve got time yet. Have you guys experienced your 15 minutes of fame yet?

This next quote suggests that perhaps he’d never had good sex:

Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.

Andy Warhol

I don’t get this next quote at all:

The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.

Andy Warhol

Nope, I still don’t get it. Anybody?

I don’t necessarily agree with this last quote:

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol

Trying to be too clever by half methinks.


  • “The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”

    I’m imagining two magnets(I can never remember which way around it’s called that repels not attracts) that no matter how you force them together will not ever get closer, but there is a lot of force and activity in the trying.

    I’ve always wondered if Warhol was a modern day equivalent of the historical rake with enunni who stands back observing as life goes on around him and makes pithy witticisms on the idiocy of man.


  • I’ve read quite a bit about Warhol and I think he’s a sociopath. He had some serious Mommy fixations – that coupled with very bad skin caused him to be cold and pretty cruel.

    In layman’s terms – he had very bad self-esteem and he treated everyone like dirt so he could feel better about himself.



  • Some would say you’ve achieved a measure of fame with this blog, Karen. 😉 And I’d say in this time of youtube, reality tv, et al, that we’re definitely headed towards this direction.

    I think the “attraction between two that never meet, yaddah, yaddah” makes sense if you think of it in terms of anticipation–how you can have a romanticized sense of someone before getting to know their smelly feet of clay. *g* Or how some say the chase is much more exciting than the actual capture/capitulation.

    His ‘time changes things’ quotes, sounds a lot like, ‘if you want something done, do it yourself’. I which case, I sort of agree; but on the other hand, Obama is a clear case of time changes everything.

    And I agree with you, he’s never had good, make that great- nay, effin’ mind-blowing! sex. *g*


  • “The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”

    Maybe, Karen, this statement implies that the “opposites attract” adage is far more romantic and exciting in the abstract than in the actual. That’s certainly been my experience. In fact, most any ideal we can imagine is likely to thrive more in theory than in practice!


  • Forgot to add, I’ve never understood Warhol’s celebrity or been impressed by anything he ever did. If a kind of lazy eccentricity is all it takes to make someone a star, I suspect many of us have been shortchanged! 😉


  • I kind of agree with the last one. I mean, nothing changes by itself. Someone has to make an effort. Obama didn’t magically get the chance to run for the presidency. He was able to win because for decades, people have been out there doing something to change the status quo, changing what was acceptable or expected. And then he went out, practically door to door, to tell people what HE intends to change.

    I can’t stand people who sit and wait for the world to change or for things to come to them without effort.

    And yeah, I think the other one is about the anticipation when attracted. Sort of that thing about how you never forget the one that got away. Of course, Warhol never got close enough to anyone to understand the true pleasure of knowing someone heart and soul. He wasn’t wrong, from his point of view. He just wasn’t right, either.


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