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Thanks for the rec Kristie. I liked this one a lot.

I’ve got to the point where writing reviews are a pain in the arse, so I’m afraid this review will seem a bit like a total stream of consciousness, with little structure, and even less cohesiveness.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, what was the book about?

Our hero, Gabriel is abandoned as a child, and raised in a brothel. Having been starved of affection and friendship, all his life, the only thing he’s good at is having sex, with those who can afford him.

That is, until he befriends a young boy who was stolen from his family. Gabriel then spends the next five years shielding his young friend from the brutalities of life in a brothel.

The boy’s family finally find him (how many fs?), and are so grateful to our hero for looking after their precious brother, that they offer Gabriel sanctuary, in their home.

Gabriel goes to live with the heroine and her brothers, and eventually falls in love with Sarah (our heroine), although he feels unworthy of her, given his shameful past.

My favourite thing? Gabriel, all the way. Dark, emotional, fractured, fragile, tortured, passionate, honourable. All good words to describe him.

I really appreciated the care it obviously took to create such a hero, he really was the highlight of the book for me.

The heroine wasn’t so bad either, although her character wasn’t quite as richly drawn as Gabriel’s. But, she didn’t piss me off in any way, which is the main thing really.

Good plot and good secondary characters. I especially liked Sarah’s older brother. It was nice to read a historical that didn’t feature an evil brother. What is it with historicals and card-board-cut-out, evil siblings/fathers anyway?


When I picked up this book, I’d only intended to read a few pages, but I found that I couldn’t actually put it down. So I didn’t. And I read, and read, and read, until the book was done.

It was super, smashing, great.

I didn’t get the urge to stab myself in the eye. Not even once. Always a good sign methinks.

For those readers who like a good emotional read with their morning coffee, I heartily recommend Broken Wing By Judith James.

You can buy from Amazon.com here, read an excerpt here, and learn more about Judith James here.


  • Karen: I laughed when I read your first line ’cause I’ve noticed that you haven’t been ‘reviewing’ books very much anymore. So your stream of consciousness, with little structure, and even less cohesiveness works just fine! *big grin*
    I’m so glad you enjoyed this book. Since I’ve been touting it all over blogland there’s not a whole lot I can say that I haven’t said elsewhere except this book awed me.
    Since I consider this one Gabriel’s story – the fact that we didn’t get to know Sarah as much – ‘specially in the second part where it’s Gabriel’s journey, worked for me. While I loved her, I see her as more of a mirror for Gabriel – to show Gabriel who he really was instead of who he saw himself as.
    And isn’t Gabriel incredible? I think he’s one of the most richly drawn character I’ve ever read.
    And thus I can officially add you to the Questor list 😉


  • Susanna
    December 15
    11:55 am

    I first saw this book listed under your current reads. The cover art attracted me, so I bought it. I guess I’m shallow like that…
    It was a wonderful read! And Gabriel is absolute love. I agree with you KristieJ, he really is one of the most richly drawn characters I’ve ever read.


  • This was one of the top reads of 2008 for me. I had one minor quibble (hot button for me) that fortunately was a red herring. Apart from that it was FAB and talk about the cover, isn’t it gorgeous!?!

    I hope lots of people buy it, because I want more from Judith James. 🙂


  • This one is sitting in the tbr pile. I might get to it over the holidays, depending on if I get the time.


  • Vanessa, don’t wait! 🙂 It’s too good to ‘maybe get to’!


  • LOL – I agree with GrowlyCub! This one is too good not to read as soon as you can. Not only was it my best book of 2008, but it was the best book – romance anyway – I’ve read since I started reading romance.


  • I like the sound of it, but damnit, I just did an Amazon order and am too broke to do another. Oh well, maybe I can get it sometime in the spring.


  • As you know, Kristie, I have it in my TBR pile–very top of it, in fact. I just need to finish a few reading commitments first. It’s my reward, don’t you know? 😉


  • I’ve got this one in my TBR pile too…I have been saving it like good chocolate…for my Xmas holiday time off. Curl up with an excellent romance and a cup of something hot. I can’t wait!


  • West
    December 16
    10:55 am

    Karen- seriously? You didn’t want to stab your eye out? Not even once? Shit, I think I’m gonna have to get this book! (actually, you had me at the older-brother-not-being-a-prick thing).


  • LOL. Hi, Karen! I gotta say I really like your sense of humor! Your blog is great. Oh, and wonderful review. This book definitely wasn’t an eye stabber 🙂


  • LOL. Hi, Karen! I gotta say I really like your sense of humor! Your blog is great.

    Thanks Barbara, and welcome to our humble home. 🙂


  • Daggone it, I keep forgetting to pick this one up!!!


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