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Happy New Year amigos!

Ok, here’s this week’s scenario:

You and a girlfriend are walking along, and all of a sudden, you hear scuffling and you look down an alleyway, and see a young teenager being held down by a guy, who looks to be in his early twenties. The girl is in some distress, and you see that the guy has his pants down, and seems to be trying to rape her.

You reach for your cell phones to alert the authorities, only to remember that you’ve both left your phones at home, and you have no idea where the nearest payphone is. It’s pretty deserted, and there’s nobody around for you to ask for help.

What do you do? Do you risk danger to yourselves, and go and help the girl out, or do you run for help, desperately hoping to see somebody. Bearing in mind that this guy could potentially kill her before you return.

What would you do?