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And There’s That Word Again…

Sunday, January 4, 2009
Posted in: random musings

I’ve just read two books where the word cocksucker jumped out at me. Both times the word was aimed at the villain of the piece.

Just sayin’.


  • *looks around*

    What? No takers?


  • Emmy
    January 5
    4:24 am


    I preemptively reject and denounce all comments that could be construed by anyone looking to be offended to be offensive. Everyone who comments on my comments also strenuously objects to my tone and word choice, whether they say so forcefully enough to meet everyone’s satisfaction or not.



  • If a giant fly swoops down over a chicken coop and vomits on the male chicken and slurps up his acidy remains, doesn’t that make the fly a cocksucker?

    sorry, couldn’t resist 😉


  • Capo…. that was just….ewwwww….


  • Tastes like chicken


  • Randi
    January 5
    3:26 pm

    Which books, Karen?


  • Hi, I remember at least one of the books being Maggie Casper’s Enough Love For Two, and the other was either in Lauren Dane’s Sweet Charity, or Jaci Burton’s Unravelled, or it could have been Stealing Innocence by Sylvia Hubbard. The only problem with reading via my Ebook Reader is that the books tend to blend together when you read one after the other. But I’m still loving how easy it is to carry umpteen books at once!


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