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How is it that in America, such important political positions can simply given to any old Tom, Dick and Caroline?

At least with Sarah Palin, people had a choice as to whether or not to vote for her and McCain.

Ms Kennedy seems like a really lovely woman, but for the love of God, that seat has just been vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Love her or hate her, it’s like comparing a rhinoceros to a pussycat for cripes sake. Yes, one is cute and shiny, but I know who I’d prefer to be with, if there were a pack of dogs after me.

I don’t get why the people of New York can’t simply vote again for a new senator. At least they’d have nobody to blame when the shit hits the fan, and it all ends in tears.

Anyhoo, let’s hope the New York governor stops smoking that wacky-baccy in time, and chooses somebody who at the very least is able to speak to the press without channelling Sarah Palin.

Actually, somebody who speaks, period, would be a step in the right direction.

Just sayin’.

By the way, is anybody other than Fox news paying attention to the Illinois governor scandal? Are you guys as bored by this story, as this Brit girl is?


  • Randi
    January 5
    3:24 pm

    I find it very interesting that the media (for the most part) finds Caroline to be darling, while they spit nails at Sarah Palin. Caroline has even less experience in politics or business than Palin did, and yet, the Dems are pushing her forward as the fresh new feminist politician. ew. I don’t know Caroline from a hole in the wall, but it chaffs my hide that just because she has money, she gets to be a senator. Well, NY can stuff it and they’ll smoke their own hubris eventually.

    Re: Illinois-gah. Can the guy, put him in jail, and let that be the end of it. I can’t believe he’s still walking around talking about shit. But that’s Chicago for ya! Love Chi-town, but they have some seriously crazy-grafty politics.


  • Randi
    January 5
    3:25 pm

    I should point out that I didn’t like Palin either. I don’t care how pretty you are, if you don’t know shit about economics, business, and world politics, you don’t belong in a position where those three topics are paramount.


  • Well, unlike Sarah Palin who has a journalist degree Caroline does have an actual law degree and is a writer and this is a interim Senate seat not the vice president position with the off chance of actually becoming president. So she would still have to actually run for the position in a couple of years.


  • I’m tired of politics period.


  • Well as much as it pains me to say it, Paterson does need to be looking towards 2010. You’re looking at a seat that is being vacated by big celebrity, big money. The last thing the democrats want is someone who is eminently qualified but who can’t raise the cash or profile to actually win the election in 2010–and campaigning for that election has already started. The amount of cash that will be needed will be HUGE since the person appointed has to win in 2010 AND 2012. Miz Kennedy has already proven that she is a powerhouse fundraiser and her celebrity is huge, and her national network of donors could prove invaluable when it comes time to face off against a statewide Republican ticket that looks like it might include Giuliani for Gov and the hugely popular in upstate NY Mahoney for LT Gov. Caroline also enjoys quite a close friendship with Obama, and in case I’m not sounding cynical enough yet, that could come quite in handy when the time comes to hand out federal appropriations. And Paterson would be foolish to–and in fact he has said he’s not going to–appoint a placeholder since NY would lose seniority in the Senate. So many dems are closing their eyes and plugging their ears and pushing Caroline and Camelot. At least she’s learned–polar opposite from Miz Sarahcuda–and has an understanding of the US Constitution that the majority of people will never attain.

    However, having said all that…Paterson is kind of a loose canon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he bucks expectation and appoints someone else. My vote based on who I think would be best for the job? Goes for Byron Brown. My vote for someone who can hold onto the seat in 2010 and 2012? Goes to Andrew Cuomo.

    And to think, things might look much different right now if The Chosen One, aka Spitzer, hadn’t gotten off on paying to get his dick sucked.


  • Bev Stephans
    January 5
    6:02 pm

    I agree with Teddypig. Also, I would like to point out that Caroline has been around politics and politicians all her life. She has lived in New York longer than Hillary Clinton and should have a pretty good grasp of New York politics.

    As far as the Illinois governor, he should go and fast!


  • In as much as I agree with Randi about the hypocrisy of the media in regards to the comparison of Kennedy-vs-Palin treatment, I agree that NY’ers should be allowed to vote on this. Their Senate seat, should be their decision.

    And as tedious as FOX News is these days with what they choose to report on -can we say snooze-city?– I wish the rest of the networks spent just a little more time covering the Blagojevich case. Feels like this story is all the conservatives want to discuss and the main thing the liberals want to avoid.


  • Julia Sullivan
    January 5
    7:00 pm

    I don’t get why the people of New York can’t simply vote again for a new senator.

    Because the New York State constitution says that, if a senator or representative leaves office, the governor appoints a replacement.

    So the constitution would have to be amended to change that, which would be a multi-year process.

    As for Caroline Kennedy, I don’t think she’s a competent public speaker. I have read her writing, and it’s very insightful. I met her twice at functions, and she seemed paralyzingly shy (which might explain the bad public speaking).

    But she has been involved in quite a few high-profile public commissions, advisory boards, etc.–she does have a history of involvement in public affairs, though not in politics per se. She’s a known quantity to the governor and others in the New York state administration, not just a celebrity ‘name’.


  • I pondered out loud to my hubby if old Teddy isn’t behind her sudden interest – pushing her to take a seat so that there’ll be a Kennedy in the Senate for a few more years…

    I do wish they’d at least CHARGE old Blag – it’s one thing to release the details, another to charge the dude. And if they still need more time to get the charges written up then there’s something wrong in the DA’s office. I think he’s probably as guilty as sin, but they should get around to charging him and stop the waiting…


  • As far as the whole Illinois… Of course FOX is covering it. There are not a whole lot of facts yet, just accusations. Since they are still bitter over the presidential vote they can use it to name call and imply all sorts of things.

    I want to see the actual charges and the evidence first. Until then it’s just a feeding frenzy of rumors.


  • joanne
    January 5
    9:35 pm

    As far as comparing Palin with Kennedy, there can be no comparison because they were up for different jobs. The job that Palin was up for was MUCH more powerful and she could very well have popped into the country’s highest office. Kennedy would be one of 50, and a junior senator at that. Not all that powerful. That being said, I really wish they’d give that spot to someone who has at least been elected once. If her name wasn’t Kennedy, she’d never be considered.

    I usually watch NBC Nightly News and BBC World News America and I’ve seen PLENTY about Blago. I think the difference between other networks and FOX is that the other networks report about it while FOX obsesses about it. After all, a dirty Democrat must have tents pitching all over FoxNews and NewsCorp. Dirty Republicans? Not so much!


  • Mireya
    January 6
    11:39 am

    All I have to say is, we do have qualified choices… question is, will Paterson go for one of them, or choose his own political convenience. And I have been a New Yorker, and am married to a native New Yorker, and the overall sentiment here is, no, we don’t want her. Sadly, it is not in our hands anymore than it was in Illinois residents hands their own governor’s choice to fill Obama’s seat. It’s state constitution. Thankfully, if whoever is picked turns out to be crap, we can kick the person out next year.

    I don’t believe Kennedy is qualified, I wouldn’t compare her to Palin either. Palin is a religious zealot ignoramus. That was my issue with her, not her lack of experience. And no, I don’t want Kennedy as my senator anymore than I wanted Palin as my vicepresident. Cuomo’s name is being mentioned now, and he’s, at the moment, the most popular option among New Yorkers.


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