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The wife of my cyber pal, Scott, (Scooter’s Chronicles) has been having some major health problems for a while now. She’s been getting migraines that are so debilitating, they leave her unable to function normally.

Scott and his wife have seen doctor after doctor, in an effort to get some kind of handle on Marcia’s illness. They’ve also had major problems with their health insurance providers, and have been very worried about how to pay the growing doctor’s bills.

The UK healthcare system isn’t perfect by any means, and God knows, we bitch and moan about it enough, but I think I hate the thought of relying on health insurance to pay for care that I should be getting due to being a tax payer and all.

Of course, over here, we pay a lot more tax than you guys do, and that’s what helps pay for our brand of universal healthcare.

I know that the current climate isn’t conducive to tax increases, but I think it’s definitely something to be looked at for the future. I know that your new President-Elect is certainly looking at ways of reforming your current healthcare system, and there are some really great examples in Europe for him to draw from.

Anyway, what are your arguments for and against universal healthcare. I’m interested to know, because so far, I only have the opinions of Kondracke, Krauthammer and Barnes to go by, and quite frankly, as they’re all Fox News contributors, that isn’t saying much.


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