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So we watched this in bed last Sunday.

I spent the whole two hours putting my head in my hands, in total despair.

Claire Forlani looked the part, but the acting was terrible.

Oliver Hudson didn’t look the part, and the acting was awful.

The girl who played Faith looked the part, and her acting was awful too, but at least she made me crack a smile or two.

It was worse than an over-dramatised soap opera, and it was painful to watch.

There were too many cringeworthy moments for me to list them all, but the part where Tory senses the killer approaching her house in the middle of the night, so decides to go out an confront him with a knife? A total own-face-eating moment.

I don’t remember the book version very well, but if I’d come across this scene in the actual book, I’m sure I’d have screamed blue murder.

Urrghh, two hours of my life I wont be getting back any time soon.

Another reason why perhaps it would be best to not mess with Eve and Roarke, and leave them in the comfort of our own imaginations.

Big Effing Sigh.